Combatting illegal online content is a task for society as a whole. We are doing our bit: For over 20 years, eco has been intrinsically motivated to make sure that illegal content is taken down and that crimes are prosecuted. Cooperating with the various stakeholders in the process is as important to us as neutral and transparent processes. We are a point of contact for members, the state, society, and politics.


We are: Dedicated to combatting illegal content on the Internet.

Legal expertise

We fight illegal content, i.e. content which contravenes German law. In order to protect fundamental rights and uphold our liberal-democratic basic values, we attach great importance to a high-quality legal assessment. Which is why only legal specialists work at the eco Complaints Office, including the Head of the Complaints Office, three Complaints Offices Consultants, and three Content Analysts. The core team is comprised exclusively of fully qualified lawyers.


The fight against illegal Internet content is a task for society as a whole, a fact which eco has always been conscious of. Originating from an initiative of our members, we continue to rely on cooperation with providers, users, and law enforcement agencies.

Close to politics

As part of the eco Policy, Law & Regulations division, we support political issues and legislative processes at national and international levels and actively contribute our expertise and many years of experience.

With our work with other complaints offices on an international level, we are always in tune with global current affairs. We closely monitor processes and immediately recognize and react to any new developments.

We are “on site” nationally and internationally so we can report on our work – the challenges and the successes – and can discuss trends and political ideas.


Transparency creates trust! For many years now, we have continuously reported on our working approach and achievements to keep the lines of communication open with all stakeholders and society as a whole. In addition, we publish our independent annual report with in-depth statistics. At annual breakfast events in Berlin and Brussels, the eco Complaints Office informs guests from industry, politics, and the press about the work we do.

Take-down instead of blocking

In the fight against prohibited Internet content, the central and most effective approach is take-down – i.e. the removal of content at source from the Internet. The method is fast, effective, and long-lasting. Which is why the eco Complaints Office has pursued this approach from the very beginning – with success.


The Internet knows no borders – it is imperative that we are well-connected internationally in order to be effective as a complaints office.

Years of successful cooperation with providers, law enforcement agencies, and other complaints offices, as well as the active support of national and international committees and initiatives, make us the ideal mediator between the industry and state bodies.