Growing up with media in this digital age means that both children and adults must be equipped with fundamental and ongoing knowledge and competence in using online media. This is the only way of guaranteeing the optimal use of digital services and applications for minors. In addition, technical solutions can help parents and guardians to protect children from developmentally-impairing content on the Internet. is a German-language website for children aged six to twelve years.

It includes a search engine which simplifies access to thousands of age-appropriate Internet sites. This allows children to search for interesting topics and images in a protected surfing space.

Youth Protection Programs

Youth protection programs help parents make sure that children and adolescents can only access age-appropriate content online.

Knowledge and Skills Transfer

Media education is a major challenge and responsibility. The responsible adults often come up against their own limits. Due to the fast-moving pace of life, knowing how to use and handle social networks, messenger services, etc.that are popular with children and adolescents is not always easy.

This is why we make ourselves available, among other things, for parents’ evenings and teacher training courses, in order to sensitize people to legal risks and thus promote the positive use of all online services.

We are also network partners of the German-language project.

For further information, please contact Kira Peek.