fragFINN helps children to use the Internet safely

Using the Internet is a daily activity for children today: They use it not only to find information for school, but also to chat with friends or to deepen their knowledge through educational games.


With a view to giving children a protected environment in which children can take their first steps in the digital world in a protected surfing environment, the German-language website went online in 2007. The website’s whitelist offers a safe surfing environment with a large range of interesting Internet sites for children. They can also click on unobjectionable sites designed for adults. For their first steps through the world of the Internet, they are constantly accompanied by the green caterpillar Finn, who presents specially-designed news items and dictionary entries to the children.


fragFINN was officially launched by Chancellor Angela Merkel in 2007.


At eco, we believe that it is of great importance that children can use the Internet safely. This is why we have strongly supported fragFINN from the very beginning as one of the founders and as a sponsor and source of ideas.

FĂŒr Eltern