Your complaint

You are welcome to submit your complaint anonymously without providing your name or email address. Please note, however, that questions may arise when processing the complaint and that we may need further information in order to continue to pursue the matter. In such cases, dealing with the complaint might not be possible without being able to get in touch by email. Please be especially careful to provide all necessary details for your complaint if you are submitting it anonymously.

Please provide the direct link to the content (not the URL of the home page).
Discussion forum
News group
For complaints about an entire news group: name of the group
File-sharing exchange

Do you wish to complain about receiving unwanted emails, e.g. newsletters or advertising that you have not subscribed to?

Please write to

Have you received an email with illegal content (perhaps also as an attachment or a link)?

Then please write to

You can find more information about this in §4 (4) and §3 (2) in the > Complaints Office Rules of Procedure.


Please send us

  • the complete email you are complaining about
  • including the original header (ideally copied into the forwarded email)
Help on how to get your email program to display the header of an email can be found here:

Please note that we cannot give feedback or respond to requests related to complaints about spam due to the very high number of reports. Thank you for your understanding!