Work More Efficiently Online: eco Association Gives 5 Tips

  • Those who can manage their working time efficiently tend to experience higher job satisfaction
  • The right online tools, flexibility for employees and artificial intelligence make companies attractive for young talent

Many employees in Germany wish they could work more efficiently. In the recently published “State of Work Report”, around 2,000 respondents from Germany claim that they spend around a third (30 per cent) of their working time on tasks that “do not directly contribute to the company/team goals”. Above all, the many meetings and discussions are an issue. Only every second meeting (53.4 per cent) is considered a “good use of working time”. 36.5 per cent of meetings are simply unnecessary.

“Efficient use of available working time not only makes people happy but also enhances the overall enjoyment of work. – and thus pays off for the economic success of the company,” states Lucia Falkenberg, CPO and Spokesperson for the New Work Competence Group at eco – Association of the Internet Industry. “Digital tools help people to interact productively with colleagues and to complete tasks efficiently. Digital technologies enable successful work, both while on the move and in the office on site.

A prerequisite for this is a corporate culture that allows employees as much flexibility as possible. Diversity and openness make companies attractive to young talents, as does their willingness to embrace new technologies such as artificial intelligence, which can alleviate employees from time-consuming routine tasks.

To work more efficiently online, Lucia Falkenberg gives 5 concrete tips:

  1. Choose tools and technologies that fit your processes and employees, ensuring efficient collaboration both remotely and in the office. These include project management tools, video conferencing software, online document sharing and other online collaboration tools with chat functionality to improve team communication and collaboration.
  2. Organise virtual meetings efficiently by setting clear agendas, establishing time limits, and inviting only relevant participants. Keep meetings precise and focused to maximise the productivity of all participants.
  3. Ensure a good work-life balance: set boundaries between work and private life and allow yourself enough free time to recharge your batteries and reduce stress. Flexible working models, including mobile working, can be helpful in this regard.
  4. Embrace an online leadership style that defines clear goals and use new online tools to actually achieve them as a team. Ensure flat hierarchies that provide employees with freedom and self-determination. Promote diversity in the team and the cohesion of the employees through team-building measures.
  5. Promote in-company training, and also rely on external experts for further training. Ensure that employees have the necessary online skills. Offer training and development to strengthen competences in the use of online tools and technologies.
Work More Efficiently Online: eco Association Gives 5 Tips