eco Labour Day Survey: Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Working Conditions, Believe Most Germans

  • 52% of Germans believe AI can improve working conditions
  • One in four (23.7%) see no benefits for working conditions as a result of AI
  • Alexander Rabe: “Artificial intelligence is finally being recognised by the majority of Germans as an opportunity to support their own working environment.”

Artificial intelligence can help to fundamentally improve working conditions in the future – this is the opinion of most Germans. For example, the elimination of repetitive tasks will improve working conditions. In a recent Civey survey, which is representative of the population, the majority (52 per cent) agreed with this. At 23.7 per cent, approximately one in four disagreed. Another quarter of people in Germany (24.3 per cent) are undecided on this question.

“Artificial intelligence is finally being recognised by the majority of Germans as an opportunity to support their own working environment, which is excellent news for Germany as a business location! Because it is clear that AI will change many jobs. And actively facing these changes and shaping them opens up new prospects for employers and employees in Germany,” says eco’s Managing Director Alexander Rabe. “Many jobs will become more interesting because there will be more room for creative projects and meaningful activities. However, for this to actually happen, companies must make a conscious decision in favour of this and create opportunities,” adds Rabe.

AI can increase job satisfaction

Seeing artificial intelligence purely as a way to increase overall productivity is not enough. Focusing solely on efficiency would ultimately lead to work intensification and more stress for employees if they are now expected to complete more tasks in less time.

“Managers should use the introduction of AI applications to give employees the freedom to experiment wherever possible, thereby increasing job satisfaction,” Rabe continues. “For artificial intelligence to be of the greatest benefit to a company, the corresponding tools must be introduced in a planned manner and ideally in consultation with employees.”

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