eco Survey: Women Are Critical of Career Advancement Opportunities Through AI

  • AI can contribute to more equal opportunities in application and promotion processes
  • Skilled women in particular to benefit from new jobs created by AI
  • Around one in three women (30%) are still sceptical and believe that the use of artificial intelligence will reduce their career opportunities

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming the driver of a disruptive revolution that will change the way we work and live in a similar way to industrialisation or the Internet. AI is creating lucrative new career opportunities, particularly in technology and innovation fields. According to a World Economic Forum report on the future of work, the majority of companies expect AI to create more jobs than it eliminates.

In Germany, however, women are sceptical about this. In fact, one in three women (30 per cent) believe that the increasing use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the workplace will reduce their chances of promotion. These are the findings of a recent representative survey of 2,510 people conducted by market and opinion research institute Civey on behalf of eco – Association of the Internet Industry on to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March 2024. Only 4.5 per cent of women believe that AI will improve their career opportunities.

Lifelong learning is fundamental to advancement opportunities through AI

“Artificial intelligence can certainly contribute to greater gender equality and open up new career opportunities for women,” says Oliver Süme, Chair of the Board of the eco Association. In particular, AI reduces repetitive and monotonous tasks and gives employees more room for creative work. New professional fields in the technology sector can offer fast career opportunities for women with technical expertise. The use of AI-based technologies in recruitment process could also counteract human bias in HR and specialist departments and making shortlists and promotion processes more diverse.

“However, it is essential that AI systems are designed to be transparent, comprehensible and non-discriminatory,” Süme adds. However, the discussion of ethical aspects and the desire to promote equal opportunities must already be anchored in the design phase of AI applications so that artificial intelligence has a positive impact on equal opportunities in the world of work. In addition, the lifelong upskilling of all employees is essential to benefit from the new job opportunities offered by AI.

eco promotes women in tech as part of the #LiT – Ladies in Tech initiative

In spring 2019, the eco Association launched the #LiT – Ladies in Tech initiative to network female specialists and managers in the digital economy and in digital professions and to create more visibility for female digital experts. With the participation of strong partners from business and society, the initiative is aimed to promote the active participation of women in shaping the digital transformation, to sustainably counteract the shortage of skilled workers and to create more transparency about the diverse career prospects in the tech industry, so that more women and girls will pursue a career in tech in the future.

eco Umfrage: Frauen stehen beruflichen Aufstiegschancen durch KI kritisch gegenĂĽber

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eco Survey: Women Are Critical of Career Advancement Opportunities Through AI 1

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eco Survey: Women Are Critical of Career Advancement Opportunities Through AI

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