Brexit Puts Thousands of British-Owned Domains into Question

  • eco Association – Names & Numbers Forum presents discussion paper
  • Changes unavoidable for some Top Level Domains
  • Experts define options for action

The Brexit referendum is likely to have a substantial impact on the Domains industry. This is the essence of the new discussion paper “Brexit – Challenges for the Domain Industry?”, produced by eco – Association of the Internet Industry e. V.. The paper is available for download at Continue reading


eco Association: Car Keys Do Not Belong in Your Smartphone

  • Smartphones are too insecure to act as storage for your car key

  • Mobility demands high-security mechanisms

  • Availability of mobile network problematic for use in cars

  • Car interfaces should only be connected after thorough security testing

eco – Association of the Internet Industry rejects emphatically the deliberations of many automobile manufacturers to replace the car key with a smartphone app. The reasoning is that storage in the smartphone is too insecure: criminals can easily hack the app, open the car, and in the worst case, drive away with it. “Mobile devices and mobile networks are comparatively insecure, and as a result they are not really suited for the high-security requirements in the automobile industry,” explains Thorsten Stuke, Mobility expert at eco – Association of the Internet Industry e. V. and CEO of M2M Tailors. Continue reading


EU Commission: Geoblocking May Breach Antitrust Rules

The EU Commission maintains its critical stance on geoblocking. According to Margrethe Vestager, Commissioner for Violation of EU Treaties, the practice of pricing products according to consumers’ location or denying access altogether may breach the Union’s antitrust rules. Product manufacturers and digital content owners could face fines for restricting the online sales of their goods.
Continue reading

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The Saturday Clean: Does your computer have a hangover?

Read this with your coffee, then start the week’s cyber hangover cure.

The Saturday Clean is our fortnightly column with links to IT Security news, selected by the Botfrei team for your weekend reading pleasure.

Does your computer have a hangover?

  1. Careful what you download: Bogus Pokémon GO guide app roots Android devices 
  2. Health risk: US 911 Emergency Services Can Be Shut Down by DDoS Attacks From Mobile Botnets
  3. Intel Agrees to Sell Majority Stake in Security Unit to TPG
  4. For your viewing pleasure: Oliver Stone movie about Edward Snowden
  5. Adblock Plus launches its own advertising platform
  6. Sport on Saturday: WADA files hacked by Spear Phishing attack
  7. Counter Attack: DDoS attacker service vDos shut off
  8. USB stick kills computers within seconds
  9. Nearly 100 million records have been leaked from Russian portal „“
  10. Hacker stealing real gold