eco Criticizes Special Tax for Digital Companies

The EU Commission wants to introduce a new tax for digital companies, and has announced new legislative proposals to this effect. EU Economic Commissioner Pierre Moscovici said today that the favored option would be an EU-wide regulation that would authorize Member States to tax companies without headquarters or production in their countries.

However, Oliver Süme, Chair of the Board at eco, warns emphatically against such proposals: “The plans presented today by the EU Commission for the taxation of digital companies would lead us down the wrong path. We need a coherent tax system that establishes the same fair and comprehensible rules for all market participants. The Commission's plans explicitly discriminate against the digital economy by taxing online advertising separately and by proposing a so-called search engine tax. Continue reading

“There Really is No Longer a Day Without the Internet”

At the turn of the year, Michael Frenzel took over at eco as Head of Association Communications. Prior to coming to eco, he developed the PR and corporate communications at 1&1 before becoming Head of PR and Chief Editor for the World Hosting Days and, most recently, acted as Head of Communications at Mediakraft Networks. In interview, he talks about his plans at Europe's largest association of the Internet industry. Continue reading

Doing Business in Germany: Knowing Your Social Media Channels

Which social media channels do German users trust? Find out more about social media usage & marketing in Germany.

Social media in Germany may not be as regularly tapped into as in other markets. Therefore, companies should know their platforms and their target audiences and, most importantly, know how to address them.

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Protecting Brands Online Through Domain Names

The landscape of top level domains is changing all the time. So, how do you select a TLD that is relevant to you? And what opportunities are offered by brand TLDs?

How valuable is a domain name to a brand? Very, says Martin Kuechenthal, CEO of LEMARIT – companies need to establish, monitor, and protect their brand names, through domain names, in cyber space.

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