eco Association: Internet Industry Needs More Female Specialists and Leaders

  • Girls’ Day in Germany on 26.04.2018
  • Proportion of female applicants for IT positions and study places growing slowly but steadily
  • Internet industry offers very good career opportunities for women

There is a major lack of female specialists in the Internet industry*: “Only around 10 to 20 percent of applicants for positions for programmers and IT experts are women,” says Lucia Falkenberg, Chief Personal Officer (CPO) of eco – Association of the Internet Industry and Leader of the eco Competence Group New Work. “That is really regrettable, because the Internet industry offers great career opportunities for women.” According to Falkenberg, the proportion of female applications has risen slightly in recent years, but in no way meets the demand. Continue reading

Association of the Internet Industry Supports Broad Alliance Against European Ancillary Copyright Law

On Tuesday of this week, an open letter was addressed to the EPP (European People’s Party) and CDU (Christian Democratic Union) politician Axel Voss, European Parliament negotiator on copyright reform. The letter, which was issued by European institution associations, companies and start-ups, journalists and libraries, news publishers and civil society organizations, called for a move away from plans to introduce a European ancillary copyright law for press publishers. Continue reading

dotmagazine: Call for Contributions

e-Government & Blockchain Applications – Contribute your knowledge and experience!

dotmagazine – eco's monthly English-language in-depth magazine on Internet-related topics.

Call for contributions from eco member companies and specialists on the topic of e-Government & Blockchain Applications.

For the July 2018 issue on the e-Government & Blockchain Applications, focus topics will include:

  • Regulatory Framework for Blockchain
  • Smart Contracts
  • Blockchain & e-Government Use Cases
  • e-Government

The deadline for submission of texts is Sunday, 27 May 2018. If you are interested in submitting a text, please contact the dotmagazine team ( in advance.

Continue reading

German Blanket Data Retention Not Compliant with EU Law: eco-Supported Lawsuit Wins

  • Important signal set for the entire Internet industry: “The German federal government must react now”
  • SpaceNet AG: Blanket data retention is the wrong instrument for fighting crime
  • Administrative Court of Cologne decides: Blanket data retention infringes fundamental European rights

 German blanket data retention is not compliant with European Union law. This is the decision which has been reached by the Administrative Court of Cologne. Supported by eco – Association of the Internet Industry, the Internet provider SpaceNet filed a suit (Ref. 9 K 3859/16) in April 2016, the aim of which was to achieve a landmark decision which would finally put a halt to the blanket retention of data. The decision of the Administrative Court of Cologne is of central consequence for the Internet and telecommunications companies concerned. Continue reading

eco Association Specifies Three Requirements for Further Progressing E-Invoicing

  • eco Association calls for stronger upskilling of users, a greater tailoring to practical user needs, and a certification of the quality of systems
  • A re-opened discussion about hybrid formats could further strengthen acceptance

The discussion around electronic invoicing has picked up considerable momentum in recent weeks. This topic was the subject of discussion at the “Digitaler Staat” (Digital State) Expert Congress in Berlin, the BME eSolutions Days in Dusseldorf, and the Berlin E-Invoicing Congress. Continue reading