eco Association: IoT – New Services as Success Factor

  • Internet of Things fueling new business models and ecosystems

  • Hybrid cloud solutions gaining ground

The Internet of Things (IoT) will have a massive impact on business models and competitiveness, according to eco – Association of the Internet Industry e. V., with reference to a recent association survey of around 30 SMEs in Germany. 55 percent are convinced that IoT will strengthen the speed factor in business. “It’s not the best, but the fastest that will penetrate the market,” explains Dr. Bettina Horster, Board Member for VIVAI AG and Director of Mobile in the eco Association. Continue reading


Infrastructure for Live Broadcasting - Meeting Future Needs

Report on the eco Competence Group Networks event "After the Euros and the Olympics - Infrastructure for Live Broadcasting"

Usage of video online has increased massively over the past few years, and video is a major driver of traffic in global networks. Sport, in turn, is a driver of live streaming. As the trend towards consumption of live broadcasting via IP increases, so too do the demands on infrastructure and, not least, on broadband. Sport footage is increasingly coming from very diverse sources using different formats and protocols, and end-users are consuming sport on a variety of connected devices, making interoperability a key issue in both the contribution and distribution side of live broadcasting. Continue reading


eco: BND Act Delivers Foundations for Power for Uncontrolled Mass Collection of Data

Contrary to fundamental rights: Domestic German communication connections also widely affected

Filters prone to error: Millions of instances of communication traffic unlawfully analyzed

Lack of transparency: No effective control and no clear rules

The controversial draft of the BND Act, which is expected to be approved by the German Federal Parliament in the coming week, regulates far more than the so-called international-to-international signals intelligence. More so, it represents – contrary to its name – a massive fundamental change also, and in particular, to state surveillance within Germany. This is the position taken on the practical coordination and technical implications of the draft, published by eco – Association of the Internet Industry e.V.. Continue reading