Insight into the European Data Center Industry

eco is pleased to contribute to a new cooperative European Data Center project. Bringing together national data center associations from around Europe, the cooperation seeks share local knowledge to gain an understanding of the needs of the pan-European Data Center industry, and to enable members a broader base for networking across national borders. Associations participating in the projects are the eco Association, the Dutch Datacenter Association, techUK, CESIT from France and Host in Ireland. An event to announce the cooperation is taking place on 25 November in Paris. Further events will take place in a range of locations in 2016. Continue reading


CSA: Brand Protection with DMARC

With the rising number of emails and new methods employed by spammers and phishers, ISPs are continuously facing the challenge of evaluating whether to accept or reject an email. According to Kaspersky Labs, “In the first quarter of 2015, the Anti-Phishing System was triggered 50,077,057 times on the computers of Kaspersky Lab users. This is 1 million times more than in the previous quarter.” Most attacks focus on banks, online stores, and electronic payment systems. However, according to Alexaner Zeh from the Certified Senders Alliance, "every brand with a good reputation based on consumer trust is a potential target. Companies which invested in branding face the challenge that their trusting customers receive emails asking for personal data or even payment details". Continue reading


“Europe needs to act on the principle of “deleting instead of blocking” in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children in the Internet”

The sexual exploitation and the sexual abuse of children and young adults ignore national borders and, for the perpetrators, the Internet is no obstacle. To combat such abuse and to catch the perpetrators and protect victims, all European Member States must ensure that parents, educators, NGOs and policy makers tackle this very international problem.

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Under the Hood of the Internet

Understanding the Network of Networks

The Internet is not a single network as such, but consists of nearly 55,000 autonomous networks. These networks are brought together to connect through Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), allowing data to flow through the global network. How this fundamental Internet infrastructure functions and how it developed is explained in interview by Harald A. Summa, CEO of DE-CIX. Read about the history of Internet Exchange Points, future directions, regional differences, and why IXPs are essential for achieving Net Neutrality here.