Internet Security Days 2015: The Summit for the Internet Security Elite

  • Europe’s most important online security event
  • With an impressive line-up of international experts
  • Journalists can get free accreditation by contacting

In just three weeks, the who’s who of international online security experts will meet at the Internet Security Days at Phantasialand in Brühl, near Cologne in Germany. The participants can look forward to an impressive line-up on 16 and 17 September, with gurus like the Internet pioneer Dr. Paul Vixie, Sean Obrey (VP, Avira) and Hanns Proenen (CISO GE, Europe). The topics will range from Cloud Security to the Internet of Things, Network and Infrastructure, Physical Data Security, Advanced Cyber Defence, and many more. Continue reading


"'Invisible hand of the market': Wrong tool for protecting human life, safety, privacy, or dignity"

Internet pioneer and security expert Paul Vixie is the Founder and CEO of Farsight Security, and, having been influential in the develoment of the Internet since the very beginning, was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame in 2014 as an Innovator. In this interview, he looks at the effect of the market forces on the security of smart devices, the responsibilities of developers, and the need for regulation. Paul Vixie will be speaking at eco’s Internet Security Days 2015 in Cologne in September. Continue reading


Minister’s Own Staff Sceptical of Data Retention

Is data retention against the law? Heiko Maas, Germany’s Federal Minister of Justice is confident that his new draft will meet the strict requirements set by the German Federal Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice. However, members of his own staff are sceptical.
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