More Zombies in the Internet Again – 2014 Statistics

  • Number of infected systems increased again in 2014
  • 40 percent are potentially members of a botnet
  • More than 220,000 computers scanned by

Despite the effort put into educating users, and despite freely available security software, the figures are alarming: The yearly average for infected computers increased back up to 40 percent in 2014. This is the finding from the more than 220,000 systems scanned by the Anti-Botnet Advisory Center ( The so-called “zombies” can, as part of a botnet, be secretly remotely controlled by cyber criminals, and used for the sending of spam or for Denial-of-Service attacks. Continue reading


Net Neutrality: eco Views FCC Decision as Important Stimulus

The US Government agency the FCC voted yesterday for their Chairman Tom Wheeler’s plan to legally re-classify Internet access and in this way to implement a stricter regulation of Net Neutrality. The classification of Internet access as a telecommunication service under Title II of the Telecommunications Act, abandoned in 2000 and now re-implemented, enables the FCC to comprehensively regulate  broadband access, and now for the first time, mobile access is included under Title III. For all of these, in essence, “no blocking, no throttling, no paid prioritization” should apply. Continue reading


eco: Revealed Proposed Legislation Will Not Lead to Greater Legal Certainty for Wi-Fi Operators

The proposed legislation for changes to the German Telemedia Act, recently made public, aims to clarify the legal requirements for Wi-Fi operators and, alongside this, contains regulations which would have a significant negative impact on Hosting operators. After a first assessment of the disclosed proposed regulations, eco sees substantial need for improvement. Continue reading


New gTLDs Statistics from eco: For the First Time in Germany, Comprehensive Daily Overview

eco – Association of the German Internet Industry e. V. presents new website on the occasion of this year’s Domain Pulse on 26 and 27 February 2015 in Berlin

A premiere for Germany: At, there is now an overview, updated daily, of the growth in the new gTLDs, with explanations and background information in German and English. eco – Association of the German Internet Industry e. V. is presenting the website on the occasion of this year’s Domain Pulse on 26 and 27 February 2015 in Berlin. The largest Internet industry association in Europe ensures real-time results through regularly updated figures. The website recorded the total number of registrations in mid-February 2015, for example, at the all-time high of nearly 4.3m new gTLDs. Continue reading