FBI Adds Cybercriminals to Most Wanted List

The FBI is offering a total of $4.2 million U.S. dollars in bounties for the capture of five suspected cybercriminals. A $3 million reward will be paid for the apprehension of Evgeniy Mikhailovich Bogachev. Bogachev is allegedly the author of Zeus, a piece of malware that infects computers and steals bank log-in details and other personal data. Zeus is said to have caused damages exceeding $100 million.
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Smartwatch Threatens Classic Email Marketing

  • Extensive changes: Intelligent, connected watches no longer display graphic design in emails, only text – for sender and subject line there are a mere 16 characters available
  • Dr. Torsten Schwarz, Leader of the eco Competence Group Online Marketing: “Content Marketing and the simplicity of texts are becoming obligatory”

The Smartwatch is taking the world by storm – analysts estimate this year for the Apple Watch alone between 10 and 60 million products sold. The threat to classic email marketing is growing with the increasing importance of the intelligent, connected watches, in the eyes of the eco Association. According to Dr. Torsten Schwarz, Leader of the eco Competence Group Online Marketing, “Lots of Smartwatches no longer display the elaborately designed HTML emails, but only the associated text.” In addition, sender and subject line are drastically shortened, leaving a mere 16 characters visible. But the Online Marketing expert emphasizes also the positive aspects: “The 16 characters force the writer to keep it short and sweet.” Continue reading


ICANN Proposes Changes to Domain Privacy

Domain owners can currently use proxy services to keep their personal details private. But under changes proposed by ICANN, this might come to an end. If ICANN’s changes are enacted, domain holders with sites associated to ‘commercial activity’ would no longer be able to protect their private information with WHOIS protection services. Qualifying as ‘commercial’ might involve as little effort as placing an ad on a website.
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econnect Tour – A Whirlwind Tour Through German IT and Culture

Day One

The two-day exclusive executive-level international event econnect took place on 24 to 25 June in Cologne. The focus of this event was offering our International members and contacts insight into the German IT market – for companies who wish to get a foothold in the German market, or are already on the ground in Germany but hope to get a better understanding of German business culture. The event brought together 22 IT professionals from 6 different countries, and was supported by interesting and knowledgeable contributions from twelve German specialists, with tours, demonstrations and hands-on activities, talks, and plenty of opportunities for relaxed networking. Continue reading


Telecom Single Market: Agreement on Net Neutrality and Roaming

The European Parliament and the Council of the European Member States agreed on a compromise on Net Neutrality and the abolishment of roaming charges on 29 June 2015. In the regulation of Net Neutrality, the question is to what extent network management is permissible in the data traffic networks, and to what extent the handling of data packets in the global network may deviate from the principle of equal treatment. Continue reading