eco Survey: IT Security is Booming Thanks to the Internet of Things

  • Cloud computing has been replaced by IoT as the most important factor
  • Data protection as a driver for change has fallen from 41 to 29 percent
  • 99 percent of respondents say security awareness in relation to Smart Homes must be improved

The Internet of Things (IoT) is now the most important driver for change in IT security. This is one of the findings of the eco Survey IT Security 2016, for which eco – Association of the Internet Industry surveyed around 600 IT security experts. Continue reading

Broadgroup Lunch meeting 1

eco/Eurocloud Delegation to DataCloud Europe in Monaco - Join us!

A limited number of 40 tickets available for eco and EuroCloud members at a reduction of around 70%

Datacloud Europe 2016 (8-9 June 2016) is Europe’s foremost networking and business deal making forum for data center and cloud players, their customers, investors and suppliers.

Attended by 1800+ executives from more than 50 countries, the event has acquired a reputation as a place to meet the leadership of operating companies, service providers, network owners, enterprises including hyperscales, expert consultancies and solutions firms.

Continue reading

LTHH Panel

eco LocalTalk: Data Center Life Savers – Emergency

An evening of fascinating discussions and lively networking in Hamburg on 14 April, in ExperTeach’s rooms in the century-old Kontorhaus, began with a brief look at data centers as a potential terrorist target. Dr. Béla Waldhauser, CEO of Telehouse Deutschland and KDDI Deutschland, and Leader of the eco Competence Group Datacenter Infrastructure, got the ball rolling and welcomed the first keynote speaker to the stage. Veteran data center security expert, Rainer von zur Mühlen, founder of several DC planning and consulting companies – who began his life’s work in the era of the German Baader Meinhof terrorist activities – opened by illustrating the effects of blasts on buildings, and explaining how building design can have an enormous impact on blast mitigation. But, he continued, these threats – while becoming a clear concern again in the current climate – are nowhere near as imminent as much simpler, home-grown threats. Continue reading


Digital Transformation Demands Adjustment Process

eco publishes position paper on copyright

  • Adaptation to the digital age necessary – at the national and international level
  • Enforcement of intellectual property rights already possible with the prevailing legislation
  • eco supports the principle of “deletion rather than blocking”

Given the numerous challenges arising from the use, dissemination, and provision of content on the Internet, eco – Association of the Internet Industry e. V. calls for the modernization of copyright law at the European and German national levels in a recently published position paper. Continue reading


Draft For a New German Film Subsidy Law Passed: No Extension of the FiIm Funding Levy to HD TV

In March, the German Federal Cabinet approved the draft for a new film subsidy law, put forward by the Minister of State for Culture, Prof. Monika Grütters. In contrast to previous versions, the current draft did not include a special levy for the providers of HD TV programming. Rather, the funds are to be concentrated on fewer projects and the selection of the projects actually awarded grants is to be improved. Continue reading