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Data centers need to plan and create significantly more capacity

eco LocalTalk Data Center Life Savers in Frankfurt

Frankfurt, 19.05.2016 – The last of this year’s eco LocalTalk series took place in Frankfurt am Main under the motto “Data Center Life Savers – Networks”.

Like the other LocalTalks in Hamburg and Munich a few weeks earlier, the after-work event combined keynote and lightning speeches with a podium discussion focusing on a key topic for data center operators and practitioners.

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Photo of Oliver Süme, sw, 300 dpi

„Great news for business“

After months of debate on Wi-Fi third-party liability, the German coalition government finally decided on a solution on 11 May 2016. In future, operators of Wi-Fi hotspots will no longer be liable for what users of the hotspot do online. This abolishes so-called third party liability, which was the biggest hurdle for extending Wi-Fi hotspots throughout Germany. Continue reading

Background paper Spacenet lawsuit

eco Supports SpaceNet in Lawsuit against Blanket Data Retention

  • eco and SpaceNet push for a landmark decision
  • Blanket data retention violates European civil rights
  • Costs running into the millions for the Internet industry

The Internet provider SpaceNet is seeking, with the support of eco, to get a court decision that it is not obligated to comply with the new German blanket data retention regulation. To this end, SpaceNet has filed a suit at the German Administrative Court. The objective of the suit is, in particular, to trigger a landmark decision through the posing of fundamental legal questions – a decision that ultimately can only be made by the European Court of Justice (ECJ). Continue reading