Digital Identities Prevent Password Theft

  • Strong two-factor authentication as the basis for trustworthy identities
  • Username and password alone are no longer sufficient
  • Secure identities essential for objects like cars and organizations in IoT

In the high-tech world we live in today, secure digital identities are essential. Users want to be reliably identified not just when they are doing online banking. More and more applications in the cloud or on the smartphone require users to be able identify themselves securely and unambiguously. But how can the situation we prevent someone from claiming to be someone else online? “A password is no longer enough to clearly identify the person behind the user name,“ Oliver Dehning, Leader of the Competence Group Security at eco - Association of the Internet Industry, warns. Continue reading

dotmagazine: joining the dots in the Internet industry

The new monthly eco e-magazine, dotmagazine, has just been launched. Issue 1 is available now at!

For our first issue, we’ve taken an topic that’s been important to us since the early days of the Internet – and will continue to be into the future: Security. Our focus ranges from securing Internet infrastructure and mitigating DDoS attacks through to securing company IT against targeted and untargeted attacks, and on to IoT security and the burgeoning e-health industry, with its electronic patient records and Internet-capable pacemakers. And we take a look into the future, at the potential for quantum computing to turn our current cyber security on its head.

We are delighted to have insights in this first issue from a range of eco members – including Akamai, AV-Test, DWF, Fieldfisher, Fidelis Cybersecurity, if(is), Intel Security, Hornetsecurity, NDIX, and Verizon.

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eco Security Services at the RSA

Meet the eco team at the RSA in San Francisco in February!

Peter Meyer and Cornelia Schildt will be on location in the German Pavillion on February 13 – 17 2017 in booth North Expo #N3925. Meet them there to talk about how the eco Association can support your entry into the German market.

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Many Websites and Email Services Still Not Supporting All Domains

eco Association calls for more effort from operators and software developers

A large number of websites und Internet clients – such as email servers, email clients, routers, and Internet services – are still not supporting all domain names. Often, they can only process domain endings of up to three characters – and these merely in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange, a character code which defines 128 characters). However, this does not correspond to the reality in the Internet of today.

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eco: Digitalization to Strengthen Human Resources in 2017

  • Companies will be able to attract new talent and make space for HR core competencies in 2017, with digital processes, cloud solutions, and automation.
  • HR analytics make HR managers transparent partners for senior management
  • IT security and data protection are prerequisites for Work 4.0

Human Resources will benefit in 2017 from the digitalization of work at all levels and in all processes: “In the Working World 4.0, those responsible will be able to represent HR processes more digitally, and make then more analyzable and measurable,” says Lucia Falkenberg, HR Manager and Leader of the Competence Group New Work in eco – Association of the Internet Industry. HR departments can, on the basis of existing data, forecast developments increasingly well. This will help to reduce costs of absences and staff turnover, and increase the productivity and motivation of teams. “In 2017, valuable information from HR analytics will strengthen the positioning of the personnel department as a partner for senior management” – of this, Lucia Falkenberg is certain. Continue reading