Blanket Data Retention: eco Criticizes Careless Draft Bill

The German Federal Cabinet today concluded a government draft bill for a new law on Blanket Data Retention which should take effect before the summer break. From the perspective of eco – Association of the German Internet Industry, this draft legislation raises many technical and legal questions and in its current form would not hold water in the anticipated constitutional challenge. “The draft is in many places simply careless, and it was obviously formulated without the necessary technical understanding,” said Oliver Süme, Director of Policy and Law at eco. Continue reading


Award Nominations: Internet Industry is Innovation Industry

For the 15th time, eco has been searching for the best products and services in the industry - and has found them. “Among the entries this year there were again impressive products which convince through their creativity, quality and user-friendliness, and that enrich not only the German market,” says a delighted Harald A. Summa, CEO of eco. The association has now nominated the best applicants, whose concepts will be presented at the exclusive eco Gala on 25th June. Nominations are in seven categories, four of which have sub-categories. Continue reading


Minister Complains About Digital Carelessness

Thomas de Maizière, Germany’s Federal Minister of the Interior, recently complained about the German industry and population’s lack of awareness about online security issues. During his speech at a congress held by the Federal Agency for Information Security, de Maizière said many people share private photos without a thought for encrypting their emails, even though easy-to-use solutions are available. Part of the responsibility lies with the government, he emphasized, saying, ‘The Internet should be accessible for everyone and reliable.’
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Blanket Data Retention: eco Calls for Political Debate Instead of Hasty Law

  • German Federal Government misjudging legal and technical realities
  • Constitutional challenge likely – companies threatened with unnecessary costs running into the millions
  • Survey: Almost every second citizen rejects the re-imposition of Blanket Data Retention

eco – the Association of the German Internet Industry expresses strong criticism of the planned law for the reintroduction of Blanket Data Retention. “The draft bill submitted a few days ago is a hasty reaction, and shows that the legislator is misjudging the legal and technical challenges of such groundless and comprehensive data retention,” says Oliver Süme, eco Director of Policy and Law. A law with such far-reaching consequences for both citizens and companies should not be allowed to be finalized so hastily, but rather it requires a careful weighing up of the costs and benefits and the implementability. “The current draft legislation will not be successful at the Federal Constitutional Court, but will rather leave scorched earth in its wake. We call for an appropriate period of time for the urgently required political debate.” Continue reading