eco Helps with Blacklists for Spam Prevention

Association of the Internet Industry helps combat undesired advertising emails

The Competence Group Email has published new guidelines for blacklists which can help companies filter unwanted advertising (spam) out of the daily flood of emails.

The target groups are the postmasters and email server administrators at internet service providers. The association outlines which blacklists are best for their purposes and how to use them. The regularly updated document on selecting a DNSBL is available under Continue reading


eco Now Accepting Applications for the Internet Awards

This year eco – Association of the Internet Industry is presenting the Internet Awards for the 16th time: the most important industry prize will be awarded on 23 June 2016 in Cologne, Germany. The application period for the six categories is now open and ends on 8 April. The awards ceremony will be in The New Yorker DOCK ONE during the eco Gala. Further information can be found online at

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Growing Pains for the Data Center Industry

The data center industry is a remarkably youthful industry, which has seen enormous growth and upheaval in its mere 20-year history. It is a sector where the pioneers are still operating their own businesses, and some of these trailblazers will be coming together on 16 February in Frankfurt to talk about recent changes that have sent tremors through the branch. Continue reading


Data Retention: One More Constitutional Complaint

Another constitutional complaint has been filed against Germany’s new data retention law. D-64, a German association promoting digital progress, has asked the country’s constitutional court to have the law abolished. Because of its ‘evident unconstitutionality,’ data retention should be suspended immediately, D-64 wrote. The law’s procedures are excessive, arbitrary and ineffective, the statement continues.
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Experts: ‘Improve Consumer Rights’

A council of experts formed by Germany’s Federal Government has found that the Internet needs improved consumer rights. Understandable terms of services, reliable certification of quality and reliable comparison portals are among the experts’ wishes for a better Internet. The list presented to Heiko Maas, the country’s Federal Minister responsible for consumer affairs, contains a total a twelve recommendations.
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