.fr - Registrar AFNIC is now an eco member

The AFNIC (Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Coopération) is from this point on expanding the family of country-specific top level domains (ccTLDs) in the eco - Association for the Internet industry. By adding the registrar with the ending “.fr”, an even larger spectrum of diverse top level domains (TLDs) are now working on developing the Internet. Various ccTLDs are already working together in the association, including EURid (.eu), CIRA (.ca), (.it), NASK (.pl), (.at), NeuStar (.us) and VeriSign (.tv, .cc, .com und .net). Continue reading

eco Association: Is there a blockchain revolution pending for administration?

  • Blockchain can automate essential processes of public administrations in a manner which is tamper-proof

  • eco Association calls for an innovation-friendly climate for testing blockchain solutions amongst authorities and administrations

It enables publicly transparent, tamper-proof, and failsafe transactions: Blockchain technology has the potential to automate many processes in administration and for authorities. These strengths of the blockchain – keeping counterfeit-resistant registers and acting as a trustworthy neutral authority – also epitomize the central characteristics of public institutions. “Blockchain provides government agencies with new tools to facilitate complex and trustworthy interactions between government and citizens. The technology offers an immense potential to change systems and accelerate processes," says Stephan Zimprich, Leader of the Competence Group Blockchain at eco - Association of the Internet Industry. Continue reading

“A technology that enables a digital transaction”

Blockchain technology is becoming a hot topic for a growing number of industries. Following in the footsteps of the financial sector, industry and public administration are also discovering the opportunities it offers. Stephan Zimprich, Leader of the eco Competence Group Blockchain, describes in an interview where the first applications are working and explains where obstacles still need to be overcome. Continue reading

Cloud and Data Protection – A Challenge to Users

Is your cloud compliant? Cloud experts Dr. Tobias Höllwarth, Dr. Jens Eckhardt, Christian Laux, and Dr. Clemens Thiele explore the key elements of the EuroCloud Cloud Privacy Check (CPC), a method to quickly ascertain the legality of a cloud computing solution and to easily determine the appropriate legal action items required by law.

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eco and ADL Study: Smart Home Revenues will Treble to Reach 4.3 Billion Euro by 2022

  • Study categorizes the German smart home market into six segments, which will realize average growth rates of up to 58 percent in the next five years

  • The market is finally waking up – voice assistants are controlling smart home ecosystems – smart home services are increasingly penetrating the German household market

  • Small and medium-sized companies are managing to break into the market with open systems and connected services

The German smart home market is booming and will triple its volume to reach 4.3 billion Euro by 2022. According to the study "The German Smart Home Market 2017-2022. Facts and Figures," by eco – Association of the Internet Industry and Arthur D. Little, the average annual growth rate for the next five years will be 26.4 percent. The two market segments generating the highest revenues will be “Energy Management” (1.3 billion Euro) and “Lighting and Window Control” (1.2 billion Euro). The study examines a total of six segments – with these also including “Security and Access Control,” “Entertainment,” “Health and Assisted Living,” and “Household Appliances”. Continue reading