Call for contributions: dotmagazine - IT & Energy

dotmagazine – eco's new monthly English-language in-depth magazine on Internet-related topics

Call for contributions from eco member companies and specialists on the topics IT & Energy, Connectivity, Blockchain, Fintech & E-Commerce

The eco International team is preparing for the launch of its new monthly in-depth magazine on Internet-related topics. We are looking for submissions from eco members who are experts in their field for the following three issues:

  • April 2017: IT & Energy

  • May 2017: Connectivity; Terrestrial, Submarine & Satellite Networks

  • June 2017: Blockchain, Fintech & E-Commerce

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eco – A Look Back at 2016: Internet Skepticism Dominates Digital Policy

The five most important digital policy developments in 2016

Fake news, hate speech, social bots, cyber attacks, and yet again Big Data – these are only a few of the key words that shaped the public awareness of network policy debates in 2016. But what was actually achieved in 2016 in Internet and digital policy? eco – Association of the Internet Industry takes a look back at the five most important digital policy developments and decisions of the last twelve months. Overall, this results in an ambivalent picture made up of restrictive approaches in the area of cyber security and forward-looking initiatives, for example in the areas of digital education and Work 4.0. Continue reading

dotmagazine- a new platform for eco members and eco knowledge

Judith Ellis, International Member Services at eco and heading the editorial team of dotmagazine , which will be launched in February 2017, explains why eco has started this new member-driven format and why it is different to other publications.

Judith, why has eco decided to launch its own international magazine?

dotmagazine gives us a new opportunity to interact with our members. It is designed to be a platform for eco members to share their knowledge with their peers and with the world at large, as well as a platform for eco to share the knowledge and expertise of the Competence Groups and specialist services. As an English-language magazine, it is open to the whole spectrum of eco members from around the world, and it also provides an international platform for our German members to present themselves. Continue reading

Saturday Clean - Building a Culture of Cyber Security in 2017

It's time to grab a coffee and catch up on the latest IT security news, and make a new year's resolution you'll keep:

Help Build a Culture of Cyber Security

  1. 2016 Internet Security Threat Report
  2. Have we created unsocial media?
  3. Smart Meters Are Laughably Insecure, Are a Real Danger to Smart Homes
  4. You can’t unsee Tedlexa, the Internet of Things/AI bear of your nightmares
  5. What Hack? Burlington Electric Speaks Out
  6. MongoDB Databases Held for Ransom by Mysterious Attacker
  7. How to Build a Culture of Cybersecurity
  8. Renewed Focus on Cybersecurity Coming in 2017
  9. 5 Security Lessons Learned in 2016
  10. Android Trojan Switcher Infects Routers via DNS Hijacking
  11. Best Security Firefox Add-Ons for IT Pros

“Blockchain could be a game changer”

With the newly-founded eco Competence Group Blockchain, the association is focussing on an important technology. The group is led by the lawyer Stephan Zimprich. We spoke to him in a short interview about the importance of the topic, the plans of the association, and on his own evaluation. Continue reading