Köln 24.08.2017

Job-Seeker Market: Employers Convince with Conscience

  • Study shows that CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is an important job criterion for IT specialists
  • Job seekers want flexibility and security
  • CSR as part of the corporate culture: Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) have to catch up

Employers who can demonstrate special responsibility towards their employees and society are more in demand for job seekers. “In particular, companies in the IT sector that are searching for up-and-coming talents can present themselves as attractive employers through a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and thus create employee loyalty in the long term,” says Lucia Falkenberg, Chief People Officer and Head of the Competence Group New Work at eco – Association of the Internet Industry. In particular, young people who belong to the so-called Generation Y feel attracted to companies that can show such commitment.

CSR is an underrated competitive factor

A recent German survey* about employer selection criteria, including more than 1,100 students and graduates, has shown that flexible working hours is highly valued (80%) as a selection criteria by most young professionals and students the IT sector. This is followed by a health policy (70%) and childcare (65%).

While many large corporations are implementing appropriate CSR strategies, this topic is not popular among most small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Germany. “Many companies invest a lot of money in employer branding to attract new young talents. In doing so, they overlook the fact that without the consideration of a CSR strategy, many measures won’t have an effect on the target group,” says Falkenberg. This can be risky: in particular, younger employees are less likely to stay committed to one and the same company, especially not if they are dissatisfied.

Act according to CSR principles

Employers become more attractive when they support their employees with family responsibilities, such as childcare or nursing care. “People prefer work environments that make family life and career compatible and provide a secure future perspective,” says Falkenberg. Diversity, inclusion, measures for training and personnel development, sport options, and social engagement are offers that are appreciated by most employees. However, Falkenberg advises that a sustainable philosophy should also be authentic: “In times of employer-assessment platforms, employees and applicants quickly notice when a company only pays lip-service to CSR,” says Falkenberg.

*Source: Studentenmonitor audimax und CSR jobs & companies

Dedicated employers who are members of the eco Association that are adapting to the changed working conditions, are particularly committed to their employees, and are searching for German staff have the opportunity to present themselves on the following German platform: http://www.csr-jobs.de/. A premium profile for targeted recruiting is available for eco member companies with special conditions. When choosing the desired employer, selection criteria like the compatibility of family and working life, flexible working hours and health management, are decisive. Should you be interested, please write an e-mail to rene.bernard@eco.de.

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