eco Survey: 74.6 % of Employees in Germany Want to Work Digitally Even After the Pandemic

  • The digital equipment of the home office workplace has improved for every second person (47 per cent).
  • Most employees use video conferencing in the home office (50.9 per cent).
  • Employers are encouraged to deliver digital technologies, IT security and training to employees to help them work safely and successfully from home.

The trend to increasingly use digital technologies to work from home or on the road is expected to continue even after the Covid-19 pandemic. The majority of employees plan to continue to make greater use of digital technologies to work, regardless of location. This is the result of a representative survey conducted by the market and opinion research institute Civey on behalf of eco – Association of the Internet Industry: Three out of four employed people (74.6 per cent) with the option of working from home want to continue to be productive outside the office with the help of digital technologies, even after the Covid-19 pandemic. Video conferencing is the most used digital technology. 50.9 per cent of all employed persons in Germany want to engage in online discussions with colleagues, customers and partners, even after the pandemic.

“Digital technologies in the home office proved their worth during the Covid-19 pandemic. The Internet enables productive collaboration, regardless of where one works. Today, a broad majority of people in IT professions share this conviction,” says Lucia Falkenberg, CPO and Head of the New Work Competence Group in the eco Association. “For the sustainable success of digital working, we recommend that employers continue to deliver the technologies for safe and stable working from home. This includes investing in IT equipment, cybersecurity and employee training and awareness.”

Digital technologies at home have improved

Many people benefit from improved digital equipment in the home office. About half (47 per cent) say in the survey that their own digital workplace has evolved during the Covid-19 pandemic. 18.4 per cent say that the digital equipment has even improved a lot. No improvement in digital equipment in the home office was noted by 36.8 per cent.

The most popular digital application in the home office is video conferencing. 50.9 per cent of all employed persons, according to the results of the Civey survey, would like to engage in online discussions in pairs or small groups, beyond the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. Webinars remain popular with 30.6 per cent of all employees, and around one in four (25.4 per cent) even want to continue attending trade fairs and conferences online. VPN connections to the company network are used by 26.6 per cent and software and data from the cloud by 21.3 per cent of all employees in Germany, probably also after the pandemic.

eco Survey: 74.6 % of Employees in Germany Want to Work Digitally Even After the Pandemic