eco: Digitalization to Strengthen Human Resources in 2017

  • Companies will be able to attract new talent and make space for HR core competencies in 2017, with digital processes, cloud solutions, and automation.
  • HR analytics make HR managers transparent partners for senior management
  • IT security and data protection are prerequisites for Work 4.0

Human Resources will benefit in 2017 from the digitalization of work at all levels and in all processes: “In the Working World 4.0, those responsible will be able to represent HR processes more digitally, and make then more analyzable and measurable,” says Lucia Falkenberg, HR Manager and Leader of the Competence Group New Work in eco – Association of the Internet Industry. HR departments can, on the basis of existing data, forecast developments increasingly well. This will help to reduce costs of absences and staff turnover, and increase the productivity and motivation of teams. “In 2017, valuable information from HR analytics will strengthen the positioning of the personnel department as a partner for senior management” – of this, Lucia Falkenberg is certain.

Opportunities of digitalization for HR in 2017

She calls on companies to drive forward corporate digital transformation in 2017 through the automation of HR processes, “Solutions for automation of HR processes, such as data driven recruiting und cloud-based talent management are especially exciting areas.” For this, an algorithm intelligently analyzes which online profile matches to which advertised position and automatically gives recruitment recommendations or investigates appropriate professional development measures. To ensure HR managers are well equipped for the war of talents, Lucia Falkenberg advises them to also take a chance on innovative solutions from young HR start-ups, such as the award-winning Talentwunder search engine.

IT security and data protection as prerequisites for Work 4.0

For the eco Association, a strong awareness of IT security and data protection is an important prerequisite to ensure the success of the transformation of HR. HR managers and company IT must prepare themselves to face threats like the ransomware Goldeneye, which especially targets personnel departments. As Lucia Falkenberg points out, “Secure and legally-compliant storage and use of personal data is an important challenge for all companies in 2017.”

A photo of Lucia Falkenberg, leader of the competence group New Work, is available here.

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