Prevent Cyber Attacks via Building Technology

In the combination of cybersecurity and conventional property protection, many companies miss out on vulnerabilities. Lukas Grunwald from DN-Systems explains how cybercriminals exploit these vulnerabilities, both in his contribution at ISD 2022 and in this short interview.

Mr Grunwald, you believe that whatever can go wrong will go wrong – do the companies know what risk they are taking?
No, many companies are always blindsided when an incident occurs.

What role does the combination of cybersecurity and property protection play?
Today, cameras are connected via Ethernet and IP, and building management systems such as access security and fire protection are also IP-based. This makes not only the server or the web application vulnerable but also the office or production object.

What countermeasures can minimise the risk?
What is needed is an integral consideration of security and all risks, including a vulnerability analysis of the IP components. For example, IP-based security cameras are also part of the IT system. If cybercriminals can simply detach the cameras and gain access to the network and server via a laptop, then the camera has rather compromised security.

Mr Grunwald, thank you very much for the interview!

On 29 September at 15:30, Lukas Grunwald will speak at ISD 2022 in Phantasialand about “When cyberspace meets the real world … of 66 Bitcoins and a deadly recipe.”

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Prevent Cyber Attacks via Building Technology