IT Services From The Cloud Have Increasingly Sophisticated Security Mechanisms

IT services from the cloud are adopting increasingly sophisticated security mechanisms, says Jörn Stuphorn, Head of Security Management at IONOS. In this interview, he talks about secure cloud services for SMEs.

Mr Stuphorn, how secure are IT services from the cloud?

This question is very difficult to answer in general terms due to the variety of service providers that provide IT services as a cloud service. My perception is that in the provision of cloud services, fast and agile development methods are facing ever-improving information security standards – specifically geared towards cloud services – as well as detailed requirements from regulatory authorities. These two aspects support each other and help IT services from the cloud establish ever-more sophisticated security mechanisms.

How do you help companies to use virtual IT resources securely?

Firstly, we provide a secure infrastructure as a basis on which customers can operate their specialised solutions. Our Compute Engine fulfils the requirements of ISO 27001, BSI IT Baseline Protection and C5. This helps our customers to greatly simplify their security concept and makes it easier to obtain certifications. We also maintain a network of value-added resellers who can realise our customers’ special requirements on the basis of our platform. This combination makes it possible to establish security measures that are tailored to the customer’s needs.

How should SMEs prepare themselves for threats?

When using cloud services, the responsibility for securing the systems is always shared between the service provider and the user. SMEs must be aware of their own threat situation and take appropriate measures. Basic services from a service provider can be used for this purpose, but any existing configuration peculiarities and limits must be understood and taken into account.

Thank you very much for the interview!

Jörn Stuphorn will be speaking at the German-language event “Security Insights” on 11 June in Berlin. He will explain how the cloud can be used as securely as possible and what SMEs can do themselves to achieve this.

IT Services From The Cloud Have Increasingly Sophisticated Security Mechanisms