ISG Pulse Check 2022: How cloud native technologies strengthen Germany’s business model

Developing applications in the public cloud and for the public cloud – ISG and EuroCloud Native (ECN) are also evaluating the extent to which companies from Germany already rely on cloud native technologies in 2022. The partners will present the results of the newly launched joint study on 27 October at the ECN Summit in Hamburg.

Modernising monolithic applications, securing IT landscapes or redefining value creation based on data – according to the ISG Pulse Check 2021, SMEs have so far only partially recognised the opportunities offered by cloud native technology. One of the reasons is the lack of skilled workers. The deficit of experts compels IT managers to focus precisely on the requirements that the business needs most. Nevertheless, the cross-sector online survey from last year found that the cloud native market in Germany is picking up speed. 22 per cent of respondents said they were already working with cloud native approaches.

Cloud Native Study 2022 identifies the trends and developments in Germany

To what extent are data-based and digital products being delivered via the cloud? In 2022, ISG and ECN are also investigating the extent to which the public cloud has moved into business models in this country. For this purpose, the market researchers once again surveyed 200 companies with 50 or more employees that use cloud and cloud native technologies or who are planning to use them. In what ways do SMEs rely on cloud native technology? In what phase of implementation are the companies? What is the role of specialised cloud native service providers? “Those who opt for cloud native technologies redefine value creation via software and IT,” says Heiko Henkes, Director & Principal Analyst at ISG Research. “The ISG Pulse Check 2022 will identify the trends that SMEs and providers should be aware of.”

The new edition of the ISG Pulse Check will, for example, examine the following:

  • How companies in Germany are using cloud native technology.
  • What role the public cloud plays for business models.
  • The criteria SMEs use to choose cloud native providers.

ECN Summit will present the study results on 27 October

ECN members Continum, globaldatanet, Stackable and SysEleven sponsor the research project. All results of this year’s study will be presented live at the ECN Summit in Hamburg on 27 October. This is when the cloud native initiative of EuroCloud Germany will meet for the third time at its own annual event. “The cloud secures Germany’s business model,” says Dr Nils Kaufmann, Head of EuroCloud Native. “Those who rely on cloud native providers, such as those assembled by ECN, are in the fast lane. The new edition of the ISG Pulse Check will show how fast the market is moving in the meantime.” Three years after its foundation, the ECN initiated by Kaufmann is writing a success story: 40 companies have joined the initiative.

New ECN Award honours companies in five categories

This year’s ECN Summit will be held at a member’s premises for the first time: deepshore sponsors the event and has invited the ECN to Hamburg. In addition, the ECN Award will celebrate its premiere at the Summit: With the award, which is presented in five categories, the ECN would like to raise the visibility of female IT experts from the community or honour particularly sustainable projects. “The ECN is raising the profile of the German cloud native industry,” says Felix Höger, Board Member at EuroCloud Germany. “Our new study underlines how important the highly specialised providers are for SMEs. Furthermore, with our new award, we are raising the profile of the industry’s top players.”

Online press conference for media and interested companies

Those who cannot be present on site at the ECN Summit can have the results of the ISG Pulse Check presented online on the morning of the event day: ECN and ISG present the study in a webinar (27 October, 10:30 to 11:30 a.m.). The press conference is not only aimed at journalists, but is also open to interested companies. Further information and registration can be accessed online on the German event website.

Further information on the ISG Pulse Check 2022 online: www.eurocloudnative.de/isgpulsecheck


ISG Pulse Check 2022: How cloud native technologies strengthen Germany’s business model