EuroCloud Native Member in Interview: Stackable

An interview with Dr. Stefan Igel, COO at Stackable GmbH

What was it that made you decide to become a member of EuroCloud Native? How should the initiative ideally support you?

We are aiming to further roll out our network in the community of cloud natives and to achieve more visibility with service partners, as well as to create closer contact with cloud service providers of all sizes. On the basis of these interactions, we are looking forward to receiving constructive suggestions for the optimisation of our products and services.

How are you getting involved in the cloud initiative?

As experts in Big Data and Open Source, we would like to be the contact point for the topic of scalable data management in the cloud with Open Source software. As a member of Gaia-X and the Open Source Business Alliance, we accompany the development of requirements for a common European data infrastructure based on open standards and open source technologies. This dialogue is something that we would also like to conduct actively and constructively as part of the EuroCloud Native initiative.

What is it that makes your company a cloud native company?

As a company founded in 2020, from the very outset we have been conceptualising our products for both enterprise data centres and the cloud. We integrate modern cloud native technologies like Kubernetes by applying them to classic bare-metal infrastructures. Our “Everything-as-Code” approach is ideal for integration into cloud environments. Our engagement with Gaia-X aligns our development with their standards for data sovereignty and security.

Why does Germany need a cloud native initiative like the ECN?

The  cloud native initiative has the potential to strengthen collaboration between cloud native service providers, product vendors and cloud service providers. In particular, it enables a communal representation of interests in the market and promotes the targeted flow of information among the members. In order to be able to develop customised products and services for the cloud, the initiative can, through various formats, create opportunities for interaction with other members and users. German and European companies will be empowered to make competent decisions for their cloud strategy, taking their specific requirements for data security and data sovereignty into account.

EuroCloud Native Member in Interview: Stackable