Youth Protection Solutions

Youth protection solutions help parents to make sure that children and minors are only able to access Internet content that is appropriate for their age.


Youth Protection Programs


A youth protection program is autonomous software that, for example, reads the voluntary age classifications on websites and only loads the websites that are classified for the user’s age group.

Using one is simple: Parents or legal guardians install the software on the home computer and set the developmental stage of the child. They themselves determine which age range is appropriate for their child and which Internet content, as a result, should be shown. Parents or guardians can also input additional Internet addresses, which can either be unlocked (whitelist) or blocked (blacklist).


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Using the Internet is a daily activity for children today: More than half of 6 to 9 year-olds surf the Internet once or several times per week. They use it not only to find information for school, but also to chat with friends or to deepen their knowledge using educational games. Given that children, without the regular supervision of their parents, can come across Internet sites when they are surfing that are not suitable for them, it is important to protect them from this potential risk.

To give them the possibility to learn about navigating themselves through the digital world in a protected surfing environment, The German Chancellor Angela Merkel officially launched the website “ – das Netz für kids” on 29 November 2007.


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