Data Centre Infrastructure

The increasing prevalence of broadband connections and interconnection of companies is fuelling the outsourcing of data and of computing time to data centres. As such, these centres now comprise an integral part of today's IT infrastructure and form the foundation on which large parts of the Internet industry are based.

Several years ago, eco began to establish a quality standard with the Datacenter Star Audit, which is intended to provide more transparency and security in this complex market. Recently, data centres have also increasingly become the focus of the media in the context of energy efficiency efforts.

eco has taken the opportunity of these developments to shed more light on these and other topics in its Data Centre Infrastructure Competence Group.


Data Center Infrastructure Goals

  • Develop best practice approaches for a wide range of data centre types (e.g. colocation centres, carriers, internal data centres).
  • Open, trusted exchange of information between data centre operators
  • Create benchmarks for the industry

Data Centre Efficiency

Until recently, the topic of energy efficiency (Green IT) has only ever been reviewed independently of the actual IT performance. For the first time, the Data Centre Efficiency Competence Group of the Data Centre Expert Group now brings together expert knowledge on the topics of IT performance and data centre energy efficiency .

Innovative solutions are sought in the interplay between availability, energy demand, IT performance and IT growth.

For this purpose, the Competence Group primarily provides best practices and benchmarks, but also characteristic values that go over and above the PUE. The results are used, for example, for the further development of award criteria for the Blue Angel data centres .

Here, among other things, the actual benefit of a data centre (e.g. the IT service) is measured in relation to the cost of operating the IT.


Data Centre Efficiency Goals

  • Make the efficiency of data centres visible
  • Deliver reliable benchmarks
  • Present best practice use cases