eco Association Wants to Shape Smart Mobility Ecosystems

  • Experts expect around 20 per cent growth per year by 2026 for the Smart City segment Mobility, Transport & Logistics
  • Newly founded  Mobility Competence Group in eco – Association of the Internet Industry bundles mobility know-how
  • eco members want to promote Internet-based mobility innovations and jointly shape the future of mobility

Internet-based mobility ecosystems will significantly reduce the burden on city centres in the next five years. On average, the Smart City segment “Mobility, Transport & Logistics” is growing 19.6 per cent per year, according to the study “The Smart City Market in Germany, 2021-2026” by eco and Arthur D. Little. With the new Mobility Competence Group (CG), the members of eco – Association of the Internet Industry want to shape the future of Internet-based mobility. Founded under the leadership of Martin Kumstel from Uber, the Competence Group sees itself as a platform for the exchange of knowledge within the industry with the aim of making mobility more ecologically sustainable and customer-friendly with the help of the Internet. By addressing ethical issues, discussing new business models and recommending guidelines, the group aims to promote Internet-based mobility.

“We want to shape an Internet-based mobility ecosystem,” says Martin Kumstel, Senior Associate Public Policy at Uber. “For this, eco offers us the best starting conditions because many eco member companies have the necessary know-how and bring a high level of interest to network and share knowledge. At the same time, there is a pull for new members to get involved.”

“Internet-based mobility concepts give rise to new, cross-industry synergies and, above all, new business models,” says eco’s Managing Director Alexander Rabe. “The newly established Mobility Competence Group of eco – Association of the Internet Industry would like to help shape the digital transformation of mobility in a secure, reliable and sustainable way and bring together players from the so far often still separate worlds of “Internet and mobility”.”

Together with eco members, the regular meetings of the Mobility CG address current topics and developments in the mobility industry:

  • AI systems for (partially) autonomous driving (image recognition, ethical issues).
  • Smart City and mobility concepts of the future (visions and economic impact including CO2 savings potential for individual mobility and logistics)
  • Micro-mobility concepts (e-scooters, eBikes, car sharing & Co.)
  • Digital infrastructures for connected mobility of the future (5G and edge infrastructures)
  • Gaia-X – Mobility and Data Spaces
  • Car2Car communication (standards & systems)
  • Cross-cutting challenges across all these levels: Data protection and IT security

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Download “The Smart City Market in Germany – 2021-2026“ study.

eco Association Wants to Shape Smart Mobility Ecosystems