“We’re looking for nifty solutions to IT security problems”

Keynotes, security sessions, workshops, networking, and fun – the Internet Security Days (#ISD19) combine various attractive aspects in one event at an extraordinary location. Cornelia Schildt takes care of the program organization for eco. In a short interview, she explains what content is planned for the Internet Security Conference.

Ms. Schildt, why should experts apply for the Call for Papers at the ISDs?

Because the ISDs are the most exciting event in Germany on the subject of IT security. The event offers an attractive line-up of experts and topics that attract visitors from all over the world. This year we have selected five main topics.

“Cybercrime”, a classic that has been with us for many years, is the starting point. Then we take a look at new technologies such as AI and blockchain – and what added value they offer for IT security. The focus here is “The future of security”.

“Holistic Information Security and Compliance” sheds light on the organizational and legal framework that needs to be observed – because IT security is not simply executed on a greenfield site. The topic “Emergency Precautions” deals with being well prepared in case of an emergency. And finally, with “Secure Identities and Infrastructures”, we ask the question: What comes after the password?

Anyone who has found an innovative solution for IT security problems and has an exciting story to tell on one of these topics will have the opportunity at the ISDs to present themselves to a specialist audience and exchange ideas.

What is particularly important to you when looking at the proposals submitted for presentations?

The presentations should above all have a high practical relevance and offer added value for the listeners, who can take the insights and advice home and implement them in their own company. We are looking for nifty solutions for IT security problems that occur in many companies. And we would like to think one step further – namely, how we will design IT security beyond tomorrow?

What makes the Internet Security Days so special as an event?

I think it’s the mix. On the one hand, we offer visitors an update on the latest IT security trends, attacks, and protection mechanisms. There will also be workshops, something which we successfully introduced last year, and they will provide the opportunity to delve even deeper into a topic.

Above all, the exchange and networking with the “who’s who” of the industry in the special atmosphere of Phantasialand – which visitors can experience exclusively, and not only during the Internet Security Night – this “complete package” is quite unique.

Why is eco so strongly engaged in the topic of security in particular?

eco recognized security early on as a cross-sectional issue that forms the basis for successful business models. Today, no company can afford to act without considering security and taking appropriate measures. That’s why the issue is so close to our hearts – and many of our members offer great solutions.

The Internet Security Days will take place on 26 and 27 September at Phantasialand near Cologne.

“We’re looking for nifty solutions to IT security problems”
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