eco Association: Call for Papers for the Internet Security Days 2019

  • Conference, exhibition, and networking on today’s and tomorrow’s security trends
  • Application deadline for speakers on this year’s main topics 24.04.2019
  • Internet Security Days, 26 and 27 September, Phantasialand Brühl near Cologne

From 26 to 27 September 2019, eco – Association of the Internet Industry and heise Events would like to invite you to take part in the 9th Internet Security Days (ISD) in Phantasialand, near Cologne. IT security experts, security decision-makers, and end-user companies will meet to get the latest information about current threats and new strategies from the extensive conference program and exhibition, and to share their insights and experiences. Up until 24 April 2019, interested experts can submit their ideas for a presentation as part of the Call for Papers.

Hardly a day goes by without a report of a security breach or data theft. Today, users have to assume that, without sufficient security measures, they can easily become the victim of an attack. Good preparation – but also sensible security techniques – are essential and can determine success or failure. However, users are often faced with a multitude of offers that are difficult to understand.

Call for Papers seeking speakers for five focus topics

 At the 9th Internet Security Days (ISD), practicable concepts, projects, initiatives, and ideas which can support companies in coping with the new challenges will be presented in five focus topics.

  • Cyber crime: The fight against cyber criminals is a cat and mouse game. New attacks are countered by new defense mechanisms. How is protection possible and to what extent is the human factor taken into account in this highly technical field, in order to support it? What challenge does the future hold?
  • The future of security: New security technologies are constantly hitting the market. At the same time, processes that are decades old are still being deployed. How can methods based on artificial intelligence improve security? How will quantum computing alter the security landscape? Where does the use of blockchain make sense? Which technologies have the potential to take security to the next level? And what do concrete deployment scenarios look like?
  • Secure identities and infrastructures: It is not only the Internet of Things (IoT) which throws open the question concerning what secure authentication might look like. In the digital age, identity is becoming a particularly prized asset. Are passwords obsolete? Which new methods offer more protection? And how can we secure not only human-machine communication, but also machine-to-machine communication (M2M) in complex networks?
  • Emergency precautions: Security incidents can occur anywhere and at any time. Good preparation facilitates corrective action and reduces possible outage times. How do I detect an emergency or critical incident? How can I train for an emergency? How do I identify critical business processes? Which measures have to be taken? What resources are required? And what role does communication play?
  • Information security and compliance: Information security issues are no longer confined to technology. Integration into the process landscape is often the decisive success factor. Regulatory requirements have to be taken into account as well as the existing IT landscape. How can companies position themselves in today’s charged relationship? What new challenges does the EU Cybersecurity Act pose, for example?

 Exciting user stories and solutions sought

Should potential speakers consider a topic that is not listed here to be important, eco is happy to receive suggestions by email. The presentation should last approximately 30 minutes. Independent field reports and solutions for specific problems are what is sought; sales and advertising pitches or product presentations will not be accepted. The outcome for participants should be a clear gain in terms of knowledge, strategies, benefits, and ideas which can be concretely implemented in their own enterprises.

The closing date for applications is 24 April 2019.Applications can be submitted to https://international.eco.de/events/call-for-papers-isd19/

eco Association: Call for Papers for the Internet Security Days 2019