“The principle of lifelong learning should be promoted”

The ongoing digitalization, shortage of skilled workers, and public evaluation on job portals and social media channels are forcing employers to explore new ways of recruiting. In this interview, Lucia Falkenberg, eco Chief People Officer and Head of the eco Competence Group New Work, explains what the future can look like.

The shortage of skilled IT specialists is reversing the application process. Should companies put as much time and effort into recruiting employees as they do into customer acquisition, and how does that actually work in practice?

Yes, the shortage of skilled workers is considered as one of the greatest entrepreneurial challenges of the future. A number of studies (e.g. VDI) have demonstrated that IT talent to the tune of at least 50,000 workers are missing in companies in Germany. Well-proven marketing strategies are also effective in recruiting: the proximity to the target group, competing for the best talents at eye-level, as well as communicating an authentic and promotionally effective image of what the applicant can expect later in the job.

From the employee‘s perspective, how important is innovation, agility, and a digital work environment in the search for a potential employer today?

Employees want to be involved in a very dynamic work environment that continuously provides all those involved with new challenges. Content-related challenges, as well as opportunities to exchange ideas with like-minded people and to develop as a person,  encourage skilled workers to develop loyalty to companies.

Moreover, today’s employees expect at least the same technical standards at work as they are used to at home.

Employee portals provide skilled workers with an impression of their potential future employer. How should companies deal with criticism on Kununu & Co?

First of all, it is important to take every case seriously. It is evident from experience that at least every second applicant is guided by such portals. When providing feedback, I suggest that you remain polite, appreciative and open to dialogue.

In the event of criticism, it is important to remain professional, even if the portal is being misused for a whinge after a termination or in the absence of a raise.

Besides the employee recruitment, employee loyalty should not be forgotten. How important is talent management today?

The majority of skilled IT workers are at least latently interested in new jobs. For this reason, for example, professional development is important in order to attract the best talents and keep pace with the rapid technical development.

It is just as important to keep in touch with skilled workers. As an employer, you should support skilled workers in adapting existing jobs to new tasks.

Responsible employers support the development of their employees, to enable their participation in digital society through education. The principle of lifelong learning should be fostered.

“The principle of lifelong learning should be promoted”
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