3 Questions for Carina Franke, G DATA

Recruiting suitable IT specialists is becoming increasingly difficult, and this also applies to IT security. In this interview, Carina Franke, Team Leader Recruiting at G DATA CyberDefense AG, provides tips on new approaches in personnel strategy that can be used to counter this trend.

Ms Franke, what strategies is G DATA using to counter the shortage of skilled workers?

We are focussing on flexibility, developing young talent and recruiting throughout Germany. By flexibility, for example, we mean our own adaptability when filling vacancies: if a person does not fully fulfil the vacant job profile but has potential elsewhere, we try to take this into account. We promote young talent with various training programmes, internships, working student positions and partnerships with educational institutions such as Ruhr University Bochum.

What advice do you have for companies on how to increase their attractiveness as an employer?

An attractive working environment includes modern benefits, taking individual needs into account, and offer training and development opportunities in order to retain employees in the long term. Offering flexible working models and remote working – where possible – also contributes to employer attractiveness.

How important are diverse teams and how do you recruit women?

Diverse teams are very important, as they incorporate different perspectives and experiences, leading to innovative solutions. Recruiting women is most successful when we provide insights at an early stage, for example, through internships and information about the many different career opportunities in IT companies. Our openness to female career changers also contributes to our recruitment success. Additionally, we attach great importance to providing room for manoeuvre.

Ms Franke, thank you very much for the interview!

Carina Franke will be talking to experts from eco’s New Work Competence Group and Security Competence Group about new solutions to the skills shortage in cybersecurity on 15 May at the G DATA Campus. Register now!

3 Questions for Carina Franke, G DATA