German Federal Government Cybersecurity Strategy

Last week, the German Federal Cabinet adopted a new cybersecurity strategy for the next five years. It aims to strengthen the protection and IT security of citizens, companies and critical infrastructures. eco Board Member Prof. Norbert Pohlmann said:

“The cybersecurity strategy is fundamentally a central component for cybersecurity in Germany. It is, therefore, an important signal that the German federal government is also defining strategic goals and priorities in the area of cybersecurity for the coming legislative period by updating the strategy. It is regrettable, however, that the German Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI) has not taken advantage of the amendment of the cybersecurity strategy to fundamentally update it. At the same time, the federal government is thwarting the goal of improving cybersecurity through questionable goals and approaches in the areas of law enforcement and intelligence policy. Both points of criticism should be urgently looked at again and corrected at the latest by the next federal government.”

A detailed assessment of the cybersecurity strategy is provided by eco in a key points paper.

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