eco Supports Awareness Campaign “Don’t be a Phish”

As part of the European Cyber Security Month, the eco Association supports the free IT security training for citizens by SoSafe and botfree.

Cyber attacks caused more than 220 billion Euros in damage in Germany alone last year. The EU therefore raises awareness of risks online every year with the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM). The cybersecurity company SoSafe in cooperation with botfrei and in partnership with eco, it-daily and the Cyber Security Cluster Bonn has once again organised the free IT security training “Don’t be a Phish” for citizens throughout this month of action. Interested parties can use it to test whether they are falling for phishing emails – and receive tips on how to best protect themselves from attacks via learning pages.

Initiative for secure digital spaces

The ECSM has been held annually in October since 2012. Governmental organisations such as the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) and companies support the campaign with numerous workshops, trainings or webinars. In this way, they work hand in hand in the fight against cybercrime in October. The main focus this year is on the two topics “Secure digital home” and “First aid for digital incidents”.

Free phishing simulation for all interested parties

Citizens can participate in “Don’t be a Phish” for free during ECSM again this year. Interested parties can register on the website https://www.phish-test.de/enand receive as an example three harmless phishing emails in the following seven days. If they fall for one of the simulated phishing emails, they are taken to a suitable learning page and receive “first aid” for tricky situations. The subsequent evaluation also shows the participants how they performed overall – and the tips they should pay attention to in the future. Colleagues, family members or acquaintances can be called upon to participate in the awareness campaign via social media under the hashtag #SeiKeinPhish (#DontBeAPhish).

ECSM and Phish Test underpin the importance of preventive IT security measures. The intensified cyber threat situation requires increased awareness of IT security and potential risks. The reason is that only if private individuals and organisations know the tactics of cybercriminals will they know how to react correctly in dangerous situations. SoSafe thus enables all interested parties to move prudently and safely in the digital space with the Phish Test.

You can register for free via https://www.phish-test.de/en

eco Supports Awareness Campaign “Don’t be a Phish”