Artificial Intelligence and IT Security: 3 Questions for Oliver Dehning

How is AI changing our security world? This is the question raised by the eco Security Competence Group on 21 February. Three questions for Head of the eco competence group, Oliver Dehning:

What are the potential threats of artificial intelligence?

The use of AI by attackers poses a serious threat to the security of IT systems, as attacks carried out with the help of AI are more flexible, cheaper and harder to detect.

What does this mean in practice?

The spread of fake news, images and videos on social media and other channels by AI systems exacerbates the challenges beyond IT security, as traditional methods of content verification may not be sufficient to detect manipulation.

What strategies protect against such AI-supported attacks?

AI-based approaches to detecting and defending against attacks play a crucial role in IT security, as potential threats can be identified more quickly with the help of pattern recognition and behavioural analysis and a correspondingly faster response can be made.

Thank you very much for the interview!

We will be exploring these and other questions in detail on 21 February at the eco Capital Office in Berlin when we address the topic of “How is AI changing our security world?” (German-language). Experience captivating presentations from the perspective of both attackers and defenders. You will also receive an initial legal categorisation of the AI Act. Register now.

Artificial Intelligence and IT Security: 3 Questions for Oliver Dehning
Oliver Dehning, Foto: eco Verband

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