3 Questions for Rishi Maudhub, Head of Global Registry Services, CentralNic

What potential do new gTLDs offer? How can consumers and companies improve their protection against DNS abuse? Rishi Maudhub from CentralNic discusses this in our interview.

Why are the ICANN Annual General Meetings important to you?

We’re currently witnessing an incredible epoch for Internet growth, with many new users coming online for the first time, governments all over the world investing in infrastructure and tools to grow their digital economies, and entire industries embracing Industry 4.0 and digitisation. As the Internet continues to grow and develop, it’s important that this incredible technology continues to serve the needs of everyone who relies on the web. ICANN Meetings present a rare and fascinating opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders from across the digital ecosystem and explore the future of policy-making together.

What are the current chances but also challenges when it comes to the domain industry?

At CentralNic, we’ve long held that new gTLDs offer an incredible opportunity to increase competition and foster innovation in the domain industry. Registries and registrants, brands, and organisations like ICANN must work together to educate end users about the benefits of these gTLDs and why they offer viable and exciting alternatives to domains like .com. Affordability, linguistic variety and relevance of new domain names are all key factors that will motivate the growth of gTLDs, simultaneously supporting a more inclusive and dynamic Internet.

How do you support the prevention of DNS abuse?

Our mission at CentralNic is geared at building a better digital ecosystem for brands and consumers. Making sure businesses can operate safely and consumers can purchase in good faith are a large factor of this vision. CentralNic has a dedicated business division that offers services geared at protecting brands online, and stopping cybersquatting and domain abuse. In the world of cybersecurity, it’s important to work proactively instead of reactively, which is why we put forward strategies and technologies that allow our customers to protect their digital assets while always staying one step ahead of potential cyber threats.

Mr Maudhub, thank you very much for the interview!

eco – Association of the Internet Industry will co-host the ICANN78 meeting together with the City of Hamburg and DENIC eG. More than 2,000 participants from research, the tech community, politics, business and civil society are expected to attend. Accompanying Programme ICANN78

Rishi Maudhub has worked in the domain industry for over ten years, and he remains one of the longest serving members of CentralNic.

With over 15 years of post-qualified legal experience in corporate contracts and cross-border disputes, Rishi has worked across all of CentralNic’s business divisions. From overseeing the successful applications of over 140 brand applicants in the 2012 ICANN gTLD process, Rishi is now Head of Global Registry Services, and works closely with the Brand Services team to execute on strategic partnerships to help grow CentralNic’s reputation as the predominant force in registry and registrar services.​



3 Questions for Rishi Maudhub, Head of Global Registry Services, Team Internet