Digitalisation and health: the solutions are there – let’s use them!

The potential of digitalisation in the health sector is immense: modern health care technologies support people in need of care in their everyday lives, Big Data analyses contribute to an earlier and better detection of diseases, and a wide variety of health apps boost preventive health care. Due to shifting demographics, by 2035 there will be a larger amount of people in the age of retirement. A report from the Bertelsmann Stiftung foundation predicts that the number of people in need of care will have increased by 50 % by 2030. Concurrently, the number of those working in care is decreasing. One thing is certain: Digital technologies and services are part of the solution and contribute to health care and disease prevention.


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than practices that are the current norm, an AI programme can detect signs of lung cancer on CT scans. Every year, around 1.8 million people die of lung cancer worldwide. It is the form of cancer with the highest mortality.

Source: Study by the National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology commissioned by Greenpeace

Implementing digital health care solutions

How can modern health care technologies support medical professionals in the treatment of complex diseases? Biologist Dr Barbara Sladek explains in the eco Podcast how Big Data, data analysis and intelligent algorithms can improve cancer therapy.

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IoT sensor technology facilitates safe everyday life for older people

In older age, many people would like to live as safely and autonomously as possible. However, from a certain point in time, an increasing number of older people need support in their everyday lives – be it a reminder to take medication, or assistance if they fall in their own home. The VIVAI AG business case shows how people who need assistance can be supported in their everyday lives by intelligent voice assistants, chatbots and IoT sensors.


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Voice assistant and IoT fall sensors

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CO2 reduction & Co.: How digital technologies contribute to solving societal challenges

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