Since 25 May 2018, the GDPR has been directly applicable. Learn more about this topic on our GDPR page.

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Until the GDPR comes into force!

Do you know the new
EU General Data Protection Regulation?

  • The EU-US Privacy Shield, the EU standard contractual clauses, and Binding Corporate Rules? How do you securely transfer data – in the company, to third parties, and across borders?
  • Is your company website designed securely according to data protection law?
  • Are you permitted to publish a birthday calendar of your staff members within your company?
  • Is your processing of personal data in the company in accordance with the law?
  • What is a procedural directory?
  • Are you legally obligated to appoint a Data Protection Officer?

The eco External Data Protection Officer will answer your questions and help your company to act in accordance with data protection law. Today and in the future.

What are the advantages compared to an internal solution?

  • An “all-inclusive package” with regard to your corporate data protection, including audits and one data protection workshop per year
  • No additional costs for the training of staff
  • No internal conflict of interests as a result of other roles within the company
  • Outsourcing the risk of liability

All of our services are performed exclusively by experienced data protection experts (fully-qualified lawyers).

What do you get?

We offer you

  • The provision of an external Data Protection Officer to fulfill your legal obligations, and support and advice for all of your questions related to data protection law.
  • Specialist knowledge and practical experience in the area of the Internet and telecommunications, through more than 20 years’ industry experience of the largest association of the Internet industry in Europe.
  • Internal data audits to check to what extent your company fulfills the requirements of data protection law.
  • Executive workshops and staff workshops on the topic of data protection.
  • Service packages “à la carte” (customized for your specific needs).

PACKAGE 1: eco Data Protection Audit

  • Checking and assessing your data protection concept and technical set-up
  • Creation of a detailled report of results with a catalog of measures
  • On-location inspections in your company

PACKAGE 2: eco Data Protection Workshop

  • Practical presentations
  • Individually customized for different company departments
  • Sensitization of your staff in relation to the handling of personal data


The package includes the following services:

  • Provision of the external corporate Data Protection Officer for your company
  • Support and advice for company management on questions relating to data protection and data security, as well as compliance with the German Federal Data Protection Act and other requirements relating to data protection
  • Checking processes which are relevant for data protection
  • Development of a data protection concept
  • Undertaking of internal Data Protection Audits
  • Data Protection Workshops
  • Creation of a procedural directory

What does it cost?

We offer our members attractive prices. See our Price List for our prices.

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