Saturday Clean - Building a Culture of Cyber Security in 2017

It's time to grab a coffee and catch up on the latest IT security news, and make a new year's resolution you'll keep:

Help Build a Culture of Cyber Security

  1. 2016 Internet Security Threat Report
  2. Have we created unsocial media?
  3. Smart Meters Are Laughably Insecure, Are a Real Danger to Smart Homes
  4. You can’t unsee Tedlexa, the Internet of Things/AI bear of your nightmares
  5. What Hack? Burlington Electric Speaks Out
  6. MongoDB Databases Held for Ransom by Mysterious Attacker
  7. How to Build a Culture of Cybersecurity
  8. Renewed Focus on Cybersecurity Coming in 2017
  9. 5 Security Lessons Learned in 2016
  10. Android Trojan Switcher Infects Routers via DNS Hijacking
  11. Best Security Firefox Add-Ons for IT Pros