In the "Internet of Things" (IoT) the combination of different technologies and communication solutions enables objects and things to interact and cooperate with each other.

IoT is the basis for many fields of application: While the focus is primarily on the Smart Home or the highly integrated car, cities see IoT-related Smart-City approaches primarily as increasing efficiency and making them more attractive as a place to live and work. Companies can better understand processes, especially in logistics, and expand their position in the value chain.

The market is currently being discovered; in many cases, the digital transformation is already sufficient as such a challenge. In the long term, however, the digital transformation will also lead to the introduction of IoT wherever tangible products are concerned.

Companies should already be prepared for imminent changes, position themselves and evaluate where business potential or even new business models lie.

The existing market shows:

  1. Partnerships are essential in the supply network of the Internet of Things
  2. The entrepreneurial positioning in the Internet of Things is not possible without intensive networking within and outside the company
  3. There is a risk of losing the connection in a rapidly developing market

That's why within the eco - Association of the Internet Economy the competence group "Internet of Things" was constituted.

Together with our members, we will pursue these goals in the near future:

  • Constitution of an advisory board for the competence group
  • Lower networking of our members
  • Positioning of our members in the IoT market
  • Good visibility of our competence group and its objectives
  • Generate new business models
  • Expression of policy and standardization recommendations

This is what we are committed to with the full power of our competence group - through

  • own conferences and business events (e. g. breakfasts or guided visits)
  • Positioning of our members on partner events and in the blog
  • Publication of studies
  • Publicity-conscious elaboration of relevant IoT topics, for example in studies and blog posts

In the forthcoming meetings, we will define our scope of duties more precisely.

Together we want to help shape the market and promote the Internet of Things in Germany.

You think this is an exciting challenge?
Is it important for you to actively participate in this and to represent your position?

Then you should definitely contact us. We - the competence group IoT@eco - are looking forward to meeting you!