Get Outdoors – but Digitally, Please! Every Second German (50.3 Percent) Uses Digital Technologies for Outdoor Activities

  • Holiday apps are the most popular with 27.3 percent, 22.2 percent using Bluetooth speakers (e.g., to stream music)
  • Every tenth person uses waterproof smartwatches (12.6 percent) and cameras (10.9 percent)
  • New technologies can motivate people to spend more time outdoors and try new activities

Online-based technologies for outdoor activities have become popular summer companions for nearly half of the population in Germany. At 27.3 percent, the most popular applications include smartphones with holiday apps for hiking tours, for example. Bluetooth speakers, often used for streaming music platforms, are also popular and are used by every fifth person (22.2 percent). One in ten uses waterproof smartwatches (12.6 percent) and cameras (10.9 percent). Less common are GPS devices (6.7 percent) and e-bikes with online access (2.8 percent). These are the results of a representative Civey survey commissioned by eco – Association of the Internet Industry.

“Internet-connected devices offer the opportunity to try out new as well as innovative leisure activities and to digitally document time spent outdoors,” says eco’s Managing Director Alexander Rabe. “Especially the diverse possibilities to try out new sports and become more active appeal to many people,” states Rabe. Many applications can now be combined with each other and can create special experiences. For instance, on a cycling tour with an e-bike, you can use an online map, record your movements with a smartwatch and record the ride with an action camera. On social media platforms, followers can follow the event live or watch it afterwards. For many digital outdoor activities, there are now large online communities that share their experiences and experiences with each other, thus connecting the online and offline worlds.

At the same time, certain technologies ensure more safety outdoors: rescue services, for example, can locate smartwatches in an emergency. Newer models can activate the emergency call by themselves in case of a fall, so that even an unconscious person can be located and rescued. Alexander Rabe advises keeping track of new trends and gadgets: “Whether in the area of leisure fun or safety – digital application can be a wonderful companion in summer, enriching outdoor experiences.”


Get Outdoors – but Digitally, Please! Every Second German (50.3 Percent) Uses Digital Technologies for Outdoor Activities 2

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Raus ins Freie – aber bitte digital! Jede:r zweite Deutsche (50,3 Prozent) nutzt digitale Technologien für Outdoor-Aktivitäten 1