eco Association and CSA: Manifest for Serious E-Mail Marketing

  • 36 companies sign international commitment for serious mass mailings
  • Best practices for authentic senders and forgery-proof e-mails
  • Recipients get, as a result, serious e-mails that they are more likely to open

36 companies involved in professional e-mail marketing have committed themselves to high standards in the sending of bulk mail: Signatories to the “Manifest for Serious E-Mail-Marketing” agreed to an international declaration that defines the specific requirements for the sending of newsletters and advertising e-mails. The manifest, developed by the CSA (Certified Senders Alliance) and eco – Association of the Internet Industry, includes the legal foundations and technical quality standards for bulk mailings to several thousand receivers. “With the quite specific measures that we have defined, companies place emphasis on trustworthy customer communication by e-mail,” according to Dr. Torsten Schwarz, Leader of the Competence Group Online-Marketing in the eco Association. “As a result, bulk mail and newsletters are much more likely to reach the recipient.”

Forgery-proof sender is mandatory

For example, the signatories to the manifest obligate themselves to taking appropriate measures to prevent the forgery of sender addresses by third parties. So that the sender is always uniquely identifiable for the receiver, signatories are required to always name the sender explicitly. Every e-mail must contain a complete legal notice. The addressee is also to be named in every e-mail, in order to avoid misunderstandings in the forwarding of e-mails.

E-mails from serious senders more likely to be opened

If a user has given permission through the Double-Opt-In process to receive bulk mails, then the sender needs to clarify this in every e-mail: With sentences like “On 10.10.2016 on the website certified-senders.eu/ you gave consent…” you provide information regarding the date and the form of consent. If senders implement the manifest‘s best practices, they fulfill the voluntary requirements. As a result, receivers perceive the newsletters and advertising e-mails from the sender as serious and are much more likely to click on them to open them.

The Manifest for Serious E-Mail Marketing has been signed by the following companies: Agnitas AG, artegic AG, Atrivio GmbH, Backclick GmbH, Clever Elements GmbH, Consultix GmbH, dialogue1 GmbH, DWMS New Business GmbH, emarsys eMarketing Systems AG, empaction GmbH, Engelmann Media GmbH, Experian Deutschland GmbH, eyepin GmbH, Indoblo Commerce Limited, Inxmail GmbH, iS-Fun GmbH, kajomi GmbH, MailUp S.p.a., Mapp Digital Germany GmbH, Mayoris AG, Newsletter2Go GmbH, optivo GmbH, Pinuts media+ science GmbH u. Co. KG, Points24.com Online Marketing GmbH, promio.net GmbH, rapidmail GmbH, Redeye International Ltd., SARE S.A., Schober Information Group Deutschland GmbH, SC-Networks GmbH, Selligent GmbH, Splio, w3work Gneuß & Arnold GbR, WEBanizer AG, WebPower Germany GmbH, XQueue GmbH.

Current challenges for serious bulk mailing will be a focus of the CSA Summit on 11-12 May 2017. Experts for e-mail marketing will come together in Cologne to discuss developments in the industry and future strategies

eco Association and CSA: Manifest for Serious E-Mail Marketing
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