eco Association: Companies Would Like Public Authorities to Use Blockchain

  • 70 percent of companies would like public authorities to offer the option of exchanging data via blockchain
  • Cooperation with tax authorities and the Federal Employment Agency should become safer and faster
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In order to achieve a faster and more efficient exchange with government agencies, business decision-makers are calling for solutions based on blockchain technology. 68 percent of decision-makers believe that blockchain improves security when it comes to the exchange of data with administrative bodies and authorities. This is the finding of a survey conducted by eco – Association of the Internet Industry in conjunction with the market and opinion research institute YouGov, which polled around 500 German company decision-makers at the beginning of March 2018. “70 percent of those surveyed call on the state to offer companies the option of transferring their data to authorities with the protection of blockchain technology. The finding represents a clear call for action by the legislator”, says Alexander Rabe, Managing Director of eco – Association of the Internet Industry.

Administrative authorities as blockchain pioneers

According to the study, more than 82 percent of the managers surveyed are in professional contact with German authorities and government agencies. Many of them work with tax authorities, the Federal Employment Agency, municipal administrations, and the German pension insurance scheme. The exchange with government agencies takes place mostly by telephone (76 percent), or in person (68 percent), while around 34 percent use digital forms on the Internet.

“For most companies, the options available fall short of what is desirable”, says Stephan Zimprich, Leader of the Competence Group Blockchain at eco – Association of the Internet Industry. Around 81 percent of those surveyed agreed with the statement that public authorities and government agencies should offer more options for secure digital data exchange. “Many managers are looking for higher safety standards and more efficient solutions. Here, blockchain technology can be a good starting point”, Zimprich goes on to say. Around 30 percent of those surveyed have doubts about the security of data transmissions using current solutions, while for 43 percent of those questioned, the current solutions are neither adequately efficient nor fast enough.

Tax returns via blockchain?

More than two-thirds of respondents (69 percent) would like the state and administrative authorities to be pioneers in the use of innovative information technologies, through the use of technologies such as blockchain. 61 percent of those surveyed are convinced that blockchain could provide lasting security to the interface between companies and administration.

The respondents identify numerous interfaces to public administration that could be optimized with the help of blockchain technology – with examples including greater security in the submission of digital forms for tax returns (58 percent) or in vehicle registration and re-registration (54 percent), or more security in the automation of administrative processes such as business registration (44 percent).

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