Digital Turning Point in Germany Requires Sovereign and Efficient Digital Infrastructures

  • At the German federal governments Digital Summit, eco Association will present places on the Internet that make the economy and society sustainable and resilient

Germany is at a turning point. At the German federal governments Digital Summit in Jena on 20 and 21 November 2023, representatives from business, society, science and politics will discuss how digital services and technologies contribute to addressing multiple challenges such as the fight against effects of advancing climate change, the increasing scarcity of resources, or the energy crisis.

“Our world is facing major challenges. One thing is certain: As actors in the Internet industry, we are part of the solution. Think of the following: energy-efficient data centres whose waste heat is utilised for climate-friendly heating concepts; Smart City concepts that make our cities more habitable, resource-friendly and energy-efficient; or health care technologies that detect and cure diseases at an early stage on the strength of artificial intelligence. In all such instances, digital and disruptive technologies help in tackling the pressing societal challenges in a variety of ways,” says eco Chair of the Board Oliver Süme. “If it weren’t for digitalisation, sustainability, resilience and future-proofing would be inconceivable.”

Süme: The German coalition government must not lose sight of its digital policy goals

However, Süme goes on to say that the correct political and regulatory framework conditions are also needed to achieve these solutions. Currently, Germany is not well-positioned in this regard. “The diffusion of responsibility and fragmentation of digital policy responsibilities within the German federal government is increasingly stalling digital transformation in Germany,” says eco Chair of the Board Oliver Süme. “Instead of an ambitious digital policy, after two years of the current German coalition government, we are experiencing at best a stop-and-go.” The German federal government must not lose sight of its ambitious digital policy goals set out in the coalition agreement. In particular, the coalition government must now urgently accelerate projects in the areas of administrative digitalisation, the expansion of digital infrastructures and cybersecurity,” says Süme.

Efficient digital infrastructures are a prerequisite for a digital turnaround

In addition to a clear framework, high-performance and sovereign digital infrastructures are also particularly necessary to make Germany a future-proof and resilient digital location, emphasises Süme: “The basis and prerequisite for the digital turnaround involves the well-functioning ecosystem consisting of hardware (i.e. digital infrastructures such as data centres and edge computing), key software technologies such as artificial intelligence, as well as close collaboration between business, politics and research,” says Oliver Süme.

Examples of projects and places that make up a functioning data ecosystem will be presented by eco and the Alliance for the Strengthening of Digital Infrastructures (founded under the umbrella of eco) as part of its “Places of the Internet” information tour in Jena on 20 November 2023. This is being commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, and the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport.

#JOINTHESOLUTION: The Internet industry is part of the solution

Highlighting the positive impact of digitalisation and the central and indispensable role of the Internet industry as part of the solution for achieving sustainability goals is also the core objective of the recently launched eco campaign “#JOINTHESOLUTION: We are part of the solution – the Internet industry”. The campaign focuses on technology-based solutions such as green IT or green coding, IoT- and 5G-based smart farming solutions or connected mobility. This brings to life the importance of digital transformation for a more habitable, resource-efficient and sustainable future for our society based on digital services and technologies.


Alliance for the Strengthening of Digital Infrastructures in Germany

The Alliance for the Strengthening of Digital Infrastructures in Germany is a coalition of leading companies in the industry. Founded in 2018 under the umbrella of eco – Association of the Internet Industry, the initiative aims to raise awareness about the importance of digital infrastructures for Germany as a business location through dialogue with politicians and the public. digitale-infrastrukturen.net/en/


Digital Turning Point in Germany Requires Sovereign and Efficient Digital Infrastructures 2