Digital Summit: Strong data economy needs legal certainty and sovereign digital infrastructures

At the German federal government’s Digital Summit, eco Association showcases Internet locations that make up the data ecosystem.

Data is a driver and essential resource of digital transformation in all industries. It increasingly determines internal company and production processes, supply chains, the consumption habits as well as the lifestyles of an increasing number of people. The intelligent linking and smart evaluation of the growing amounts of data is the key to innovation and sustainable growth. “The availability of data as well as a uniform and legally secure handling of data is vital for a successful transformation of the entire industry in a data economy. I therefore welcome the fact that the German federal government intends to finally clarify the numerous open questions related to the use of data in an economic context with its announced Data Strategy,” says Oliver Süme, Chair of the Board of eco – Association of the Internet Industry, in the run-up to the German federal government’s digital summit.

The Data Strategy presented by the former German federal government last year addresses many of the existing challenges. In the meantime, however, Süme goes on to say that not much progress has been made, so Germany is still lagging behind in international comparison, not only in developing data-driven business models. “A lack of data availability as well as legal uncertainties in the use of data, lack of uniform standards and, in particular, regulatory and financial incentives for sharing data with other participants in value creation processes, are currently keeping many innovative companies from breaking into data silos and investing in this area.”

SĂĽme urges that the German federal government must finally create clear and reasonable rules for the exchange of data, provide incentives for standardisation and the establishment of data trustees, and increase the availability of public sector data.

Efficient digital infrastructures are the foundation for a strong data economy

In addition to a clear set of rules, efficient and sovereign digital infrastructures are also needed to build a strong data economy in Germany in the long term, Süme emphasises: “A well-functioning ecosystem of hardware – i.e. digital infrastructures such as data centres and edge computing, key software technologies such as artificial intelligence, as well as strong cooperation between business, politicians and academia – creates the groundwork for a sustainable, competitive and innovative data economy,” explains Oliver Süme.

Examples of projects and places that make up a functioning data ecosystem will be shown by eco Association as part of its information tour “Places of the Internet – Potentials of the Data Economy in Germany” on 7 December 2022 in Berlin, which is organised on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action and the Federal Ministry for Digital Affairs and Transport.

Digital Summit: Strong data economy needs legal certainty and sovereign digital infrastructures