CSA Email Summit 2024: Trust is the Foundation for a Successful Email Ecosystem

  • The CSA Email Summit 2024 will celebrate the CSA’s 20th anniversary and 40 years of email in Germany from 22 to 24 April 2024, under the motto of “Trust Fuels the Future
  • The Summit will bring together around 200 marketers, technicians and email marketing experts from all over the world

In Cologne in April 2024, the CSA Email Summit will bring together the leading minds of the industry. Under the motto of “Trust Fuels the Future”, the email experts of the CSA (Certified Senders Alliance) are celebrating 20 years of promoting trust in email communication. “Since its inception, the goal of the CSA has been to improve the quality of the email medium as a neutral organisation and to thus strengthen email as a communication channel. In this regard, the CSA has taken on the task of establishing technical, legal and reputational quality standards and constantly updating them in line with market requirements,” says CSA Director Julia Janssen-Holldiek.

“The success of email stems from a functioning email ecosystem, in which even competitors get to communicate and cooperate with each other in a spirit of trust regarding relevant success factors and security issues,” says Janssen-Holldiek. Email marketing experts from around the world are therefore invited to Cologne to help shape the future of commercial email marketing, with trust being the key. Global leading companies and small businesses will exchange ideas about challenges and solutions.

Together, improving the quality of commercial emails

“With the CSA Email Summit 2024, we will get to continue our successful series of events on-site; due to the pandemic, these could only take place online in recent years,” says Julia Janssen-Holldiek, Director CSA. “All interested parties are invited to register and to benefit from the top-class contributions.” In a wide range of presentations and workshops, experts will share their insider knowledge for the professional sending of commercial emails. The organisers expect around 200 marketers and technicians from all over the world to attend the presentations held by numerous leading email experts.

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CSA Email Summit 2024: Trust is the Foundation for a Successful Email Ecosystem