Köln 11.08.2017

CSA: Increase Email Campaign Success and Avoid Legal Risks

  • CSA at the dmexco in Cologne with expert presentation on email marketing
  • CSA experts at the CSA booth offer tips on how senders can avoid legal infringements, damage to reputation and fines running into the millions

The Certified Senders Alliance (CSA) supports trustworthy customer communication by email, by helping companies to keep the legal foundations and technical quality standards in mind. The CSA is also offering Best Practices for sending commercial e-mails in conjunction with the Cologne digital fair dmexco on 13 -14 September. Under the banner of “An Express and Safe Trip to Inboxland,” Lawyer Rosa Hafezi and Engineering Manager Alexander Zeh show measures that companies can use to increase the success of campaigns and avoid legal consequences and fines.

Fines in the millions looming in e-mail marketing

At the CSA booth A 036 in Hall 07, CSA experts will also be providing information about future fines going into the millions, which will become a very tangible risk from May 2018, when the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. “Many email marketers will need to change their behavior if they don’t want to face serious consequences,” says Julia Janssen-Holldiek, Director of the CSA. “The companies certified by the CSA are already well prepared to be able to send legally safe emails in the future that are compliant with the GDPR.”

Professional and serious email marketing is more successful

International visitors will also receive practical tips for trustworthy commercial emails from the Certified Senders Alliance’s “Directive for Permissible E-Mail Marketing”. These guidelines were published in May 2017 in German, English, French and Spanish. “People who fulfill high legal and technical standards in the sending of commercial emails – their emails will reach their recipients,” says Janssen-Holldiek. Those who also send e-mails that their recipients want, because they contain interesting content, will secure for themselves a good reputation in the long term, and will still be sending relevant e-mails tomorrow that arrive in recipients’ inboxes.

Julia Janssen-Holldiek
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