Call for Papers for the Internet Security Days 2017

  • Speakers sought for four focus topics
  • Conference, exhibition and networking on today’s and tomorrow’s security trends on 28-29 September 2017
  • German-language conference, but English-language papers also accepted

From 28 to 29 September 2017 eco – Association of the Internet Industry and heise Medien invite you to the 7th Internet Security Days (ISD) in Phantasialand, near Cologne. IT security experts, security decision-makers and end-user companies will meet to get informed about current threats and new strategies in the extensive program and exhibition, and to share their insights and experience. Submissions for presentations and workshops are being accepted until 17 April 2017.

The Internet has long since penetrated all areas of life and work. Hand in hand with this come special threat scenarios – attacks have migrated rapidly into the digital world, where they are carried out remotely and with a great deal of professionalism. A customized and comprehensive security strategy is becoming a clear success factor for companies.

Call for Papers seeking speakers in four focus topics

In the 7th Internet Security Days (ISD) from 28-29 September, innovative concepts, projects, initiatives and ideas which can support companies in coping with the new challenges will be presented in four focus topics.

The Human Factor: People are often seen as an incalculable security risk, and purely technical protection concepts often fail as a result. Why are attacks like phishing and CEO fraud so successful? How do people behave, and how can they be transformed from security risk to defender?

Security by Design: Make it well, or patch it later? Much too often, security is put off and added as an after-thought, and the vulnerabilities are patched as well as possible. How can this reactive approach be transformed into a proactive one? How can software be developed securely? How can secure operating systems and hardware help to increase security?

Connected World: The self-driving car is at the starting blocks, and modern means of transport are today more computerized than mechanical. Interconnectivity is also taking off in the health industry and the manufacturing sector. What new threats are developing through this, and how could protection concepts look?

Advanced Cyber Crime: The cat-and-mouse game between attackers and defenders has entered the next round. Waves of blackmail connected to ransomware or DDoS attacks are drenching offices. The attack through the Mirai botnet only gave us a taste of what is possible with the Internet of Things.

Fascinating user stories and solutions sought

If you have a topic you think is important and is not listed here, these are also welcome. The presentation should last 25 or 50 minutes. Independent field reports and solutions for specific problems are being sought; sales pitches and product presentations will not be accepted. The presentation should highlight strategies, advantages and findings from specific campaigns, as well as direct customer dialog. Workshops should have a duration of 55 or 115 minutes. In these, users have the possibility of getting a deeper insight to the topic and of getting to know technologies; pure product demonstrations will not be accepted.

Deadline for submission is 17 April 2017. Please send your submission by email to cfpisd@eco.de with the subject “CFP ISD 2017”. The email should include the following:

  • Contact details for the speaker and the company
  • Short CV of the speaker
  • Abstract (max. 200 characters) and detailed information on the focus of the contribution (max. 1.000 characters)
  • Planned format (Presentation/Workshop)
  • Desired duration
  • Special technical requirements on location
Call for Papers for the Internet Security Days 2017
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