Call for Papers for the Internet Security Days 2022 – Submit Presentations Now

  • 12th Internet Security Days (ISDs) taking place on 29 and 30 September 2022 at Phantasialand near Cologne, Germany
  • Call for Papers (CfP): Submit presentations and workshop ideas by 3 April 2022
  • Conference, exhibition and networking on the security trends of today and tomorrow   

On 29 and 30 September 2022, the Internet Security Days (ISD) will take place once again in Phantasialand near Cologne, Germany. eco – Association of the Internet Industry and heise Events invite IT security experts, security managers and user companies to exchange views on current threats and security strategies at the 12th ISD. Anyone who would like to participate in the extensive conference programme is now asked to submit a topic proposal that fits with one of the four conference focal points: “Cyber crime – The show goes on”, “In the beginning was security – a pipe dream?”, “Trust on the Internet – Trust me if you can” and “Secure world – Security for a connected world.”  With the Call for Papers (either in German or English), the organisers are accepting ideas for a presentation or workshop up until 3 April 2022.

Experts to explain IT security strategies for new threat scenarios

“Many companies still underestimate the IT threat situation. With the Call for Papers, we are looking for experts who can contribute their know-how to ensure the success of the digital transformation”, says Cornelia Schildt, Security Expert at the eco Association. “The presentations, panel discussions and workshops on focus topics of IT security are intended to contribute to a secure and trustworthy digitalisation of the economy and society”, Schildt continues. Speakers are being sought for the following topics:

Cyber crime – The show goes on
Cyber criminals know no rest, with not a day going by without reports of successful attacks or security incidents. Ransomware regularly paralyses entire municipal institutions or companies for days. The gateways range from the exploitation of human vulnerabilities, to faulty software, right through to service providers. Today, no company can afford to be unprotected. How do the perpetrators operate and how can one protect oneself appropriately?

In the beginning was security – a pipe dream?

For a long time now, security experts have been calling for holistic security concepts. This includes the securing of supply chains, the need for which was painfully demonstrated by several attacks last year. With the increasing complexity of products and software, security must not only be factored in right from the beginning, but also thought through. Concepts such as Security by Design and Security by Default, but also the automation of security, are becoming increasingly important. How can products be rendered secure throughout their entire life cycle?

Trust on the Internet – Trust me if you can

Secure digital identities are increasingly becoming a key technology in the ongoing digitalisation process. Although various technical solutions have been around for a long time, implementation is often still in its infancy. The use of encryption is also not reaching its actual potential. What do practical concepts for protecting confidentiality and authenticity look like?

Secure world – Security for a connected world

As digitalisation accelerates, IT is permeating more and more areas of life. Without sufficient protection, the risk of attacks in these areas also increases. This also affects sectors that are particularly in need of protection, such as healthcare, mobility or public administration. Connectivity in the Internet of Things offers many opportunities, but security aspects must also not be pushed into the background here. How can the connected world be made secure?

Presentations should last about 30 minutes, workshops two hours. What we are not looking for: Sales or advertising presentations or product presentations. What we are looking for: Experience-based reports and solutions to concrete problems from a technical, legal or organisational point of view. These should also highlight any strategies, advantages and findings from concrete projects. For the audience, there should be a clear gain in knowledge and concrete implementation options for their own company. Please specify these in the abstract.

The deadline for submitting applications is 3 April 2022.

Applications can be submitted to https://international.eco.de/isd-call-for-papers-2022/. Further information on the event is available at https://international.eco.de/event/internet-security-days-2022/

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