Harald A. Summa (GF en)

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Chief Executive Officer
eco - Association of the Internet Industry e.V.
Cologne Office
Lichtstrasse 43h
50825 Cologne
Telephone Number: +49 (221) 7000 48 - 0
e-mail address: harald.summa(at)eco.de



Harald A. Summa has managed and developed DE-CIX since 1996, and has been CEO of DE-CIX GmbH since 2003, when it was spun off from eco – the Association of the German Internet Industry, and became an independent company. Summa has written many specialists articles and given lectures on the topics Communication, Marketing and Sales. From 1981 until 1992, he was a Lecturer at the University of Cologne in Applied Informatics, and he is currently undertaking a Ph.D. at the University of Cologne in the Department of Business, Media and Technology Management. Harald A. Summa is also the initiator and CEO of the eco Association, and has helped to shape the legal and political framework for the liberalization of the telecommunications market in Germany. He is the co-initiator of the European associations EURO-ISPA and Euro-IX and is active in consultative functions and as a member in a range of advisory committees in Germany, at both state and federal levels.