An Interview with EuroCloud Native Member: benchANT

EuroCloud Native provides us with an ideal network for modern, cloud-focused companies. benchANT, with its performance/cost benchmarking, does not usually run cloud projects entirely on its own but works with partners on cloud migrations and optimisations.
Awareness of the differences between public cloud providers in terms of performance per cost, as well as the specialisation of different databases, is currently not particularly pronounced. We would like to bring this knowledge and the possibility to obtain meaningful data quickly and efficiently to EuroCloud Native so that, in the future, many cloud applications can be designed even more efficiently and reliably.

How do you want to get involved in the cloud initiative?

We look forward to contributing our expertise on the neglected topic of performance and performance/cost analysis to the initiative, not only in discussions but also with concrete solutions. We see good competent, industry-proven sparring partners here with whom projects can be solved together at a higher quality level. We contribute to this through our core competency of performance evaluations with meaningful data.

What makes your company a cloud native company?

Not only is our entire benchmarking SaaS platform technology stack cloud native and even cloud agnostic, but more specifically, our entire business model is centred on the public cloud (and private clouds with limitations) with its potential efficiencies. It offers us better scaling and adaptation options and much greater technical possibilities.

Why does Germany need a cloud initiative like the ECN?

In our opinion, the cloud divides German SMEs – due to legal uncertainties (GDPR), but also the lack of technical expertise and motivation to change “the running system”. These points need to be communicated constantly and convincingly. Otherwise, every cloud company will face the same challenges with every project, if any at all. It would be beneficial to have an initiative to act as a central point of contact and mouthpiece.

In this sense (as MongoDB always says so beautifully): “Assume nothing, measure everything!”

Why Did You Become a Member of Eurocloud Native? How Should the Initiative Ideally Support You?