“The Mobility Data Space is Open to All Companies and Organisations”

The Mobility Data Space aims to bring together providers of data-related services with other players in the market, says Dr. Andreas Heindl, Project Manager Mobility Data Space.

With the Mobility Data Space, you are networking the mobility community. What visions are you pursuing with this initiative?
With the Mobility Data Space, our aim is to create a platform where equal partners can exchange data in order to develop innovative, environmentally friendly and user-friendly mobility concepts. In doing so, the participants should benefit from the full value-added potential of their data on the basis of common European rules. The establishment of the Mobility Data Space in the market should ultimately contribute to the economic and digital sovereignty of Germany and Europe.

How can eco member companies get involved specifically?
The Mobility Data Space is open to all companies and organisations working on mobility solutions – on road, rail, water and in the air: from major car manufacturers to ride-sharing services, from public transport operators to software developers for navigation systems, from research institutions to bike-sharing providers. We pay special attention to bringing providers of data-related services together with other players in the market. This should be of interest to many of your members. For those who want to learn more, I recommend attending our info sessions to get started.

What milestones do you want to achieve in 2022?
For us, the year 2022 is all about growth. In the past year, we have shown that the data space works technically well and that use cases create added value for partners and users of mobility solutions. Our goal is to expand our services and to pave the way for as many participants as possible for a self-determined, sovereign exchange of mobility data, as well as to enable many new applications – in Germany and throughout Europe.

You can register for the webinar “Mobility Data Space – The basis of more secure data exchange for new mobility solutions” here (with the webinar to be held in the German language).


“The Mobility Data Space is Open to All Companies and Organisations”