Technology Is Only as Safe as How Safely It Is Used

The human factor plays a central role in IT security, says Vivien Schiller from adesso SE in a short interview. She will also speak on this topic at the ISDs on 30 September at Phantasialand Brühl.  

The human factor plays a fragile role in cyber defence, why is that?
(Cyber) technology is operated by humans. And a technology can only be as safe as how safely a person actually uses it. In doing so, humans often take the easier path because everything else in our everyday lives is too exhausting. It can quickly happen that a system is secure, but a person writes the username and password on a sticky note or passes it on to supposed helpers (social engineers). 

How can companies raise awareness among their employees?
Continuity and fun. People forget again too quickly, and there is also fluctuation. Raising awareness among employees must not be a boring one-time show that people do not feel like doing and that is perceived negatively. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of online learning platforms?
An obvious advantage: You can reach many more people in one fell swoop. The disadvantage is the overabundance of online platforms, the often missing exchange and different types of learners, who unfortunately don’t learn well from such platforms. 

On 30 September, Vivien Schiller and Lisa Reinhardt from q_perior will give a lecture on the topic of Mindhack or Mindfuck as part of the ISD on 30 September at Phantasialand Brühl.  

Vivien Schiller