#MWC24 in Barcelona: Interview with Kamran Doorsoun, Janado

eco and Janado will be at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona from 26-29 February. At the NRW joint stand CS.318, Janado will be presenting premium refurbished technology, as explained by Kamran Doorsoun in a short interview.

Mr Doorsoun, what are your expectations of the trade fair?

The MWC in Barcelona is a platform where the entire mobile industry meets. We expect our booth at the joint stand with eco to be a central attraction. What we naturally want to show visitors is how premium refurbished technology can outshine new products in terms of quality, price and, above all, sustainability. We are also looking forward to exchanging ideas with other companies and keeping our finger on the pulse of the industry.

What is the biggest challenge in ensuring that used laptops and similar devices are not seen as disposable products but instead extend their lifecycle through resale?

The biggest challenge lies in the mindset of many consumers, who often associate used products with lower quality. At Janado, this is exactly where we come in: Our goal is to change this perception and make it clear that a carefully refurbished device is virtually indistinguishable from new products in terms of performance and aesthetics. A key part of this strategy is our buyback programme. Through this programme, we show that used devices still have considerable value. By collaborating with the right partners and approaching suitable customers, we can successfully reintegrate these devices into the market. This concept of “refurbishment and sustainable” instead of “old and used” is the key to extending the life cycle of our products and strengthening the appreciation of refurbished technology.

How receptive are companies to IT remarketing when it comes to IT and old hardware?

The willingness of companies to engage in IT remarketing is increasing as they recognise both the environmental and economic benefits. For example, the Covid-19 pandemic has prompted many companies to upgrade their IT hardware. Therefore, in the next 1-2 years, aligned with the typical replacement cycle of 2-3 years for smartphones and 4-5 years for laptops, we expect an increased supply of devices for remarketing. This will not only reduce costs for companies, but also significantly improve their environmental footprint. By refurbishing and reusing these devices, we offer a sustainable solution for the growing amount of IT hardware, which is ultimately a win-win for the environment, companies and consumers alike.

How will the market for used tech gadgets and IT devices evolve in the future and what challenges will this pose?

The market for used tech gadgets and IT devices will grow significantly in the future, driven by growing environmental awareness and economic considerations. A key factor in this development is the “Right to Repair” movement, an issue that we passionately pursue at Janado. We are committed to making it easier for manufacturers to repair their devices, which would improve the longevity and ease of maintenance and thus increase the sustainability and availability of products in the refurbished market. We at Janado are targeting our positioning in the context of increasing market segmentation, particularly with the emergence of new major players. Our focus is on a younger customer base, to whom we offer quality and comprehensive service. Our goal is to provide everything our customers are looking for – and to establish ourselves as a leading one-stop shop for premium refurbished technology.

Mr Doorsoun, thank you very much for the interview!

At the joint NRW stand, eco will be on site with two of its member companies, Janado and VS-Apps. The Leader of the eco IoT Competence Group, Dr Bettina Horster, has taken on the role of State Representative and, together with the eco Association, will represent North Rhine-Westphalia as a business location. For an appointment at the MWC in Barcelona, contact Tatjana Hein (IoT CG) by email to arrange a personal exchange on site.

5 Questions for Kamran Doorsoun, Janado