Joint Letter to EU Commission: eco Supports Digital Responsibility Goals

Digital technologies bear the potential to improve the lives of almost 750 million people in Europe. However, the motives for technological innovations must be more people-oriented in the future. Policies and laws can no longer match the speed of technology. Too often, critical decisions about the future of societies are made without guidelines on how to make sustainable decisions.

Leading companies, foundations and organisations have therefore joined forces at the initiative of the non-profit organisation Identity Valley to commit to the Digital Responsibility Goals (DRGs) and trust-based and sustainable development in a joint letter to the European Commission published on 15 November 2021.

The DRGs provide an opportunity for different stakeholders, ranging from decision-makers to regulators, business experts and civil society, to formulate a common agenda and plan for joint action. Just as the UN Sustainable Development Goals galvanised the international community into action and enabled an agenda for a more sustainable planet, the DRGs aim to promote humane technologies, based on rights and democratic values. The DRGs are developed by a consortium of leading academics, NGOs and industry experts and cover seven areas.

Digital Responsibility Goals as a benchmark for companies

The DRGs are intended as a benchmark for companies in the digital space. The DRGs take a holistic approach across all relevant stakeholders to promote trust in digital technologies and business models. The DRGs deliver a methodology to measure success and promote digital strategies.

The signatories request the support of the European Commission and the European Parliament in promoting the DRGs and ask the Commission to support the process of developing and refining the Digital Responsibility Goals by establishing a high-level multi-stakeholder forum process. Experts from industry, policy, non-profit and academia will be given the opportunity to participate in shaping the DRGs.


You can read the letter in full outlining the seven DRGs here.

Joint Letter to EU Commission: eco Supports Digital Responsibility Goals 1