IT Security Survey 2022 – Participate Now

How is the potential threat from cyber crime growing for the German industry? eco – Association of the Internet Industry has been undertaking surveys among Germany’s IT security experts for more than 10 years. In addition to the dominant IT security issues and most critical threats, these surveys also assess the ability of German companies to fend off cyber attacks. The IT Security Survey 2022 has now been launched.


Support the work of the Security Competence Group in the eco Association: Please take five minutes and answer 13 questions and provide some statistics.

  • How do providers and users assess the threat situation for 2022?
  • What topics will be in focus in the coming year?
  • How have the Covid-19 pandemic and major cyber attacks changed corporate security measures?

The online survey is anonymous, and participation is possible until 31.12.2021: https://survey.eco.de/index.php?r=survey/index&sid=843144

IT Security Survey 2022 – Participate Now