ISD 2023: 3 Questions for Tarek Nemri, plusserver gmbh

Tarek Nemri is an IT Security Consultant at plusserver gmbh, where he advises clients on IT security solutions and the associated processes. At this year’s Internet Security Days, he will give a presentation on “Digitalisation, data sovereignty and the cloud – your chance, surely and securely!” and tells us in an eco interview how cloud services can be important in terms of IT security.

What should customers look for when choosing a cloud service provider to store and process their data?

In addition to general requirements such as scalability, automation and the necessary range of services, data sovereignty and IT security play an important role. Where data protection ends, data sovereignty begins. This is a matter of technical and legal transparency and independence. Digital sovereignty as an umbrella term is located one level higher, and describes the fundamental independence and self-determination of companies and organisations in the digital world – for example, through open-source strategies and initiatives such as Gaia-X.

What aspects and services regarding the IT security of your cloud services are particularly sought after from you?

Classic IT security solutions such as vulnerability management, virus protection and network security (e.g., intrusion prevention systems) are still in great demand. However, technologies such as endpoint detection response (EDR) and the Security Operations Centre (SOC) are becoming increasingly important. Established anti-virus protection lacks insight into network traffic and the system behaviour, which means that new types of advanced threats cannot be detected and defended against. EDR solutions analyse system behaviour based on a variety of other characteristics.

Companies find themselves overwhelmed by this multitude of isolated IT security solutions and require an aggregation and analysis of this information. This requires the services of a Security Operations Centre (SOC), which acts as a control centre and, through experts, monitors security centrally.

What measures do you take to ensure that customers retain full control over their data and that their digital sovereignty is safeguarded?

With pluscloud open, Plusserver offers a public cloud solution based on the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS). This rules out provider lock-ins and ensures data portability, transparency and technological sovereignty. Other functions such as automation or monitoring are also carried out by plusserver on the basis of open source components.


Thank you very much for the interview, Mr. Nemri!

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ISD 2023: 3 Questions for Tarek Nemri, plusserver gmbh