ISD 2019: Detect and Stop Threats in Real-Time

Stephan Nolden is Director Business Development & Marketing of the Comstor Security Initiative (CSI), which he will be presenting during the Internet Security Days (ISDs) on 26-27.09. in Phantasialand, in Brühl near Cologne. In interview, he answers questions on how companies should behave before, during, and after cyber attacks.

Mr. Nolden, what dangers need to be taken into account in the provision and securing of networks?

The attack vector No. 1 is still the email. This means that effective email protection is immensely important. Beyond that, protection should be built up over several layers. This means that alongside classic perimeter protection, the endpoint should also be secured through effective solutions. Further, continual behavior analysis within automated networks provide relevant data to detect and stop threats in real-time.

How can companies best protect themselves – before, during, and after cyber-attacks?

Given that 100 percent protection is never possible, it is of course important to make it as difficult as possible for the attackers, and to get as close to the 100 percent as you can. Cisco has got appropriate solutions in their portfolio for all three phases of a cyber attack (before, during, and after). In addition, as a matter of principle, every company should consider training programs for staff, in order to avoid attacks being successful. They should also develop an emergency plan with the objective of being able to take quick and effective action after a successful attack, and make the right decisions.

You want to support holistically – how do you realize this holistic approach?

The Comstor Security Initiative (CSI) is designed for the growth in the security business of resellers, and provides support in all questions regarding sales, technology, product portfolio, services and lead generation. With the largest Cisco security team in the whole EMEA distribution landscape, we are not only in close contact with the relevant Cisco stake-holders, but we also have at our disposal Cisco Fire Jumper technicians certified in all security architectures. Ranging from a profitability analysis, to the choice of the product portfolio, and on to customer communication, we are on the side of the resellers. The goal is to have the profitability of the reseller and the satisfaction of the end customer always in mind.

The CSI (Comstor Security Initiative) is sponsor of the Internet Security Days (ISDs) 2019 and host of the Internet Security Night on 26.09.2019 in Phantasialand near Cologne.


ISD 2019: Detect and Stop Threats in Real-Time