Interview with EuroCloud Native Member: Alice&Bob.Company

An interview with Mario Apitz, Founder & CEO of Alice&Bob.Company GmbH

What was it that made you decide to become a member of EuroCloud Native? How should the initiative ideally support you?

What can be expected is an improved market perception for cloud-born or cloud-native consultancies, service providers and software vendors. What’s important here is credibility vis-à-vis “risk-averse” customers and a new perspective for analysts. In addition, a community of service providers is to be created, meaning that we can together gain traction in entering into dialogue with competitors and suppliers on an equal footing. This applies in the first instance to hyperscalers and to the concept of an even-handed partnership-based cooperation. But it also applies to the old generation of system companies and managed service providers who are half-heartedly jumping on the cloud bandwagon.

How are you getting involved in the Cloud Native Initiative?

To date, we’ve actively participated in the kick-off and conducted an interview with the Vogel IT media for a personal assessment of the initiative. We believe in the need for such collaboration and see clear advantages for all parties involved. That’s why we’re also prepared in future to take on a role, to work on concrete content and future structures, and to get involved in public relations work. Here we’re calling for concrete coordination.

What is it that makes your firm a cloud-native company?

We are a cloud-native, founded in 2019 without any traditional data centre infrastructure. Alice&Bob.Company is cloud-born. Furthermore, with the topic of cloud security we cover a content field that non-cloud-native companies of the old generation do not address in its complexity. Last but not least, our customers can see this distinctiveness in the agile, uncomplicated, but highly professional cooperation.

What should the initiative achieve when it comes to the dialogue hyperscalers?

Large companies – and this includes all hyperscalers – don’t have a particularly good reputation when it comes to dealing with partners, when these are no longer “useful”. This can have a quicker impact on our industry and our topics than you might think. Corresponding services have already been developed, as Amazon’s IQ for Experts shows. We therefore need to enter into dialogue with the hyperscalers in order to build our common future based on an equal footing, to maintain and expand the value of partnerships, and to be able to act more strongly as a community of interests.


Interview with EuroCloud Native Member: Alice&Bob.Company
Mario Apitz, Founder & CEO, Alice&Bob.Company GmbH