ICANN78 Workshop on the NIS2 Directive and the DNS Industry: Download the Report

How does Article 28 of the NIS2 Directive impact the DNS industry? eco – Association of the Internet Industry has published a 20-page workshop report of the ICANN78 event, now available for download free of charge.

What does NIS2 mean for the DNS industry in detail? The implications, in particular of Article 28, were the focus of a one-day workshop hosted by eco Association of the Internet Industry in Hamburg shortly before the ICANN78 meeting in October 2023. The workshop brought together stakeholders from the DNS industry, the European Commission, national governments and the ICANN community to discuss the challenges facing the DNS industry and to find appropriate responses to the regulatory challenge of NIS2 in order to avoid fragmentation as much as possible.

A comprehensive report based on the workshop discussions is now available for download. It provides valuable perspectives and guidance for industry stakeholders grappling with these regulatory changes.

Based on the discussions at the October workshop, this detailed report provides insights critical to understanding the intricacies of NIS2 and its impact on the DNS industry.

  • Gain insights into the requirements and expectations underpinning Article 28 and the precise scope of the Directive, in particular challenging issues such as jurisdiction, the status of resellers and the legal basis for the collection of domain name registration data.
  • Take a look at national deliberations and the challenges of transposing the Directive into national law.
  • Explore the role of registration data in the fight against DNS abuse and the benefits of accurate data from the different perspectives of ccTLDs, gTLDs, law enforcement and small and large players in the DNS industry.
  • Learn about the operational and implementation challenges facing the DNS industry, including the importance of contractual arrangements between the various parties involved in the domain registration process, the importance of creating standardised domain name validation processes, what to do when validation fails, and how registries and registrars can deal with the disclosure clause and the 72-hour response time.

Download the report and watch the video here


ICANN78 Workshop on the NIS2 Directive and the DNS Industry: Download the Report